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Thread: LA County for Trump Schools DACA

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    LA County for Trump Schools DACA

    Interesting twist, Trump supporters having real debate directly with DACA recipients

    LA County for Trump Schools DACA, Pro-Illegal Activists in Santa Ana

    Jan 18, 2018

    LA County for Trump Explains Opposition to DACA/Amnesty

    Jan 19, 2018

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    Good videos lorrie. Thank you.

    Saying again that we stole this land. Why do we want these people spewing anti-American blather. Later she says she is citizen.

    She is ignorant. Radical, indignant, social justice.

    DACA more hard working, she says.

    He rightly says, "we are a nation of laws."

    He doesn't believe she is legally present.

    Mexico and Israel don't allow it.

    You don't deserve access to services.

    You are getting services and not paying taxes.

    Use EIT number to get benefits.

    We want our sovereignty resoected.

    Mexico is a Narco State.

    I can't break into Mexico.
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