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Thread: Mexico’s Vicente Fox: Donald Trump Can’t Stop ‘Minorities’ Becoming Majority

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    Mexico’s Vicente Fox: Donald Trump Can’t Stop ‘Minorities’ Becoming Majority

    6 Sep 2017

    The former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, says President Donald Trump cannot stop immigrants from becoming the majority in the United States.

    “Trump you have failed America,” Fox declared in a Tuesday-evening tweet after Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared the illegality of former President Barack Obama’s amnesty for 800,000 younger illegals. Roughly 90 percent of the younger illegals are migrants from Fox’s country of poverty-stricken Mexico, where he ruled as President from 2000 t0 2006.

    Fox continued his racially-tinged complaint about Trump’s decision to counter illegal migration from Mexico:

    Cancelling DACA, it is the worst action you have ever done against the ones that cannot defend themselves. This measure is cruel and heartless, worst than any machine. You’re cancelling the future of 800,000 children and young people. You are so mistaken. The future of any country is the minorities which will be majorities in a few years. You cannot stop the change, the progress, the future of that great nation.

    Vince ended his tweet by seemingly threatening Trump’s grandchild with some form of exclusion from a transformed United States. “I hope your grandson never be in this terrible situation,” Fox said.

    (video within tweet)
    Vicente Fox Quesada ✔ @VicenteFoxQue
    .@realDonaldTrump cancelled the future of 800,000 kids who are the cornerstone of America and didn't even had the balls to say it himself.
    6:00 PM - Sep 5, 2017

    Fox repeated the same population-replacement claim in a September 5 interview with the Washington Examiner on Tuesday.

    “The rest of the world, they are welcoming immigrants, but Trump keeps talking about walls … He is too stupid to realize that one day the minority will become the majority,” Fox said, according to the Examiner.

    Fox tweeted the same population-replacement prediction on September 1.

    Vicente Fox Quesada ✔ @VicenteFoxQue
    .@realDonaldTrump Minorities will soon be the majority, and remember: we're stronger together. Get it? You can't trump the dream.
    6:52 PM - Sep 1, 2017

    Fox is a former top manager at the Latin-American branch of the Coca-Cola Company and has long favored the easy movement of cheap labor across borders. In 2000, he was negotiating an expanded amnesty-and-immigration deal with deputies working for President George W. Bush, but the deal was derailed by the 9/11 atrocity in New York. “The 21st century will be the century of Latin America,” Fox said at a September 7 speech in Florida.

    Fox has repeatedly spoken out against Trump plan to strengthen border security against migrants from Mexico, and on September 1, he suggested that Americans cannot succeed without Mexican illegal immigrants.

    Vicente Fox Quesada ✔ @VicenteFoxQue
    .@realDonaldTrump, you're killing the real American dream! DACA is fundamental for a successful America, what's the point of ending it?
    6:50 PM - Sep 1, 2017

    In August, Fox portrayed Trump as a German Nazi, who apparently favors socialism for Nordic populations, an invasion of Russia, plus the slaughter of Jews, Slavs, and Gypsies.

    Vicente Fox Quesada‏Verified account
    .@realDonaldTrump knowing that you like to have fake magazines, I'm proposing this one, only this one is a fake cover of the real deal.

    1:14 PM - 14 Aug 2017

    In fact, Trump has repeatedly espoused a color-blind American nationalism which makes no distinctions between a person’s ethnic or racial background, even as Trump also says he has a “great heart” for the 800,000 illegal immigrants who are aided by Obama’s illegal amnesty.

    One reason for Fox’s twitter diatribes may be that he is trying to sell a book outlining his political recommendations for Americans.

    Vicente Fox Quesada ✔ @VicenteFoxQue
    "Let's Move on!" is not just a book, it's a statement for America. Resist! Pre-order: or
    10:07 AM - Sep 2, 2017
    Photo published for Let's Move On: Beyond Fear & False Prophets
    Let's Move On: Beyond Fear & False Prophets
    Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, issues both a denunciation of the current state of American politics and a call to unity and resistance in the...
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    Vincente Fox is a drunk, a has been, and is owned by the drug cartels behind illegal immigration and NAFTA.
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    Is this guy for real?

    Let them take every one of our 30 million illegal aliens, visa overstays and every refugee from the Middle East.
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    Sadly, he is for real, he was the Bushes Best Boyfriend. Sick and sad that 2 of our Presidents could have been so buffooned by a drunk, dope dealing con artist like Vicente Fox.
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    White Christians now a minority of U.S. population: Survey

    The cross on top of the First Baptist Church is silhouetted in front of the sun on Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017, in Simpsonville, S.C. South Carolina is gearing up for a total solar eclipse, which will cross the state diagonally ... more >

    By Bradford Richardson - The Washington Times - Wednesday, September 6, 2017

    Americans who identify as both white and Christian comprise less than 50 percent of the population, according to a new survey.

    The Public Religion Research Institute study found that just 43 percent of Americans make up that cohort, down from 81 percent as recently as 1976. The trend is attributable to immigration, a rapid increase in the number of Americans who identify as religiously unaffiliated and an aging Christian population.

    The survey also shows that the number of white Christians in the Democratic Party has declined dramatically. The demographic makes up just 29 percent of the party’s base, compared to 50 percent one decade ago.

    Roughly three-quarters of Republicans, meanwhile, still identify as white and Christian.

    America’s increasing diversity is captured in the ethnic transformation of the Catholic church. Twenty-five years ago, nearly nine out of 10 Catholics were white.

    Today, Catholics under 30 are more likely to be Hispanic, 52 percent, than white, 36 percent.

    Atheists and agnostics continue to comprise a larger share of the U.S. population. More than one-quarter, 27 percent, of Americans today identify as religiously unaffiliated.

    There are now 20 states where the religiously unaffiliated are a plurality, including: Vermont (41 percent), Oregon (36 percent), Washington (35 percent), Hawaii (34 percent), Colorado (33 percent) and New Hampshire (33 percent).

    Nearly half of all LGBT Americans, 46 percent, also identify as religiously unaffiliated.

    White Christians have also aged in a way that other major religions in America have not.

    More than one-third of Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists in America are under the age of 30. By contrast, just 11 percent of white Catholics, 11 percent of white evangelical Protestants and 14 percent of white mainline Protestants are under the age of 30.

    Sixty-two percent of white Catholics, 62 percent of white evangelical Protestants and 59 percent of mainline Protestants are at least 50 years old.

    The findings, published on Wednesday by PRRI, are based off of the 2016 American Values Atlas, the largest survey of American religion ever conducted. It includes a sample of more than 101,000 Americans from all 50 states.

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    Why is Fox even barking?

    He's a nobody in Mexico.
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    Reading between the lines, I think Fox's true message is........."We will overwhelm the U.S. with our citizens and the U.S. will one day be part of Mexico."

    Don't kid yourselves guys. This is the true ambition of every illegal from south of the border, to take over the U.S. and make it part of Mexico. I'm sure they're rubbing their grubby little hands together and licking their lips at the thought of when they will outnumber and kill, or enslave the white man in this country.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnDoe2 View Post
    White Christians now a minority of U.S. population: Survey
    Sad but true. And they won't stop their relentless and ongoing invasion of our country until the white christian is completely wiped out.

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