Mitt Romney Joins Democrats to Confirm Cheap Labor Corporate Lobbyist as DHS Chief

Beginning the Biden administration with a key betrayal.

Published 9 mins ago on Feb 2, 2021
By Richard Moorhead

Utah Senator Mitt Romney abandoned his party to cast a vote in favor of confirming a pro-illegal immigration cheap labor lobbyist as the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday.

Romney was one of six Republicans who voted to confirm Alejandro Mayorkas, who was confirmed by a vote of 56-43. Shelley Capito, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portland, Romney and Dan Sullivan were the GOP Senators who voted for the Biden nominee.

As former Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Mayorkas urged federal employees to ignore pervasive immigration and visa fraud, angrily telling them to ram through visa approvals. Mayorkas was accused by the agency’s inspector general of lining up cheap labor visas for companies connected to elite establishment Democrats, inducing former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Democratic Senator Harry Reid.

Tom Cotton
Nov 25, 2020

Biden's top priority is amnesty for more than 11 million illegal aliens. This would reward lawlessness, reduce middle-class wages, and cause a rush on the border during the pandemic—putting the interests of foreigners ahead of Americans. It gets worse:

Byron York's Daily Memo: Biden's plan on immigration
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Tom Cotton

His favored pick to lead DHS, Alejandro Mayorkas, is a former DHS official who gave out green cards as political favors.In 2014, the DHS Inspector General—appointed by Obama—heard from whistleblowers about Mayorkas intervening in immigration cases to help powerful Democrats.

3:28 PM · Nov 25, 2020

As chief of the Department of Homeland Security, Mayorkas will oversee ICE and Customs and Border Patrol. President Joe Biden has pledged not to deport anyone except illegal aliens convicted of additional felony offenses, and Mayorkas will probably preside over a depleted immigration enforcement system that focuses on distractions such as import laws as opposed to arresting and deporting illegal aliens. Mayorkas has also rejected the construction of a border wall, promising that an incoming illegal alien caravan will be processed through the byzantine asylum system where immigration lawyers will likely secure permanent residence for economic migrants who seek welfare.

It’s not surprising that Romney would provide a free pass to the corporate Democrat. As a corporate executive, Romney made his fortune of hundreds of millions through outsourcing American jobs. Mayorkas is likely to play a role in continuing Romney’s preferred ‘America Last’ policy as it pertains to immigration, undermining the wages and career prospects of workers in favor of a migration policy that favors the interests of corporate shareholders and Fortune 500 executives.