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    New Jersey Governor Is Open To Paying Illegal Aliens $600-A-Week

    New Jersey Governor Is Open To Paying Illegal Immigrants $600-A-Week Despite State ‘Running Out Of Money’

    By Brandon G. Jones Apr 24, 2020

    New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy claimed that he was open up to the notion of the condition providing unlawful immigrants with $600 a 7 days.

    During Murphy’s COVID-19 news briefing on Thursday, the governor was questioned about income guidance for unlawful immigrants.

    Immigrants rights team Make the Road NJ launched a report titled, “Important and Excluded,” that documented the “encounters of reduced-wage immigrant workers and households in New Jersey all through the 1st thirty day period of the COVID-19 disaster.”

    The 35-question study was performed over the mobile phone April 12-18. The poll of 226 “respondents residing in New Jersey,” involved 96.4% who claimed their ethnicity was “Latinx.” A small over 50 percent of the 226 participants in the survey, 52%, said their immigration position was “estimated undocumented.”

    The Make the Street NJ report was introduced up throughout the New Jersey coronavirus press briefing.

    Murphy was requested if he would consider issuing $600 a 7 days to unlawful aliens “who have dropped wages” throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

    Murphy explained that he did not see the Make the Street New Jersey report, but did say he is “open up-minded to the $600-a-week” payment to illegal immigrants. Murphy also acknowledged that the point out of New Jersey is “really evidently jogging out of cash.”

    “It is not just for the reason that I consider we are very good fellas and gals, but for the reason that we’re not likely to split the again of this virus until we convey us all alongside,” Murphy claimed.

    Judith Persichilli, commissioner of the New Jersey’s Division of Overall health, urged unlawful immigrants with no access to health and fitness care to get hold of the state.

    You can listen to Murphy talk about the possibility of paying out illegal immigrants around the 1:05-mark.


    Don't reward the criminal actions of millions of illegal aliens by giving them citizenship.

    Sign in and post comments here.

    Please support our fight against illegal immigration by joining ALIPAC's email alerts here

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    A.G. Barr needs to make some phone calls NOW and threaten prosecution of these Governors if they do this!

    Not one taxpayer dime to illegal aliens.

    Make them self deport!


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