New Jersey Plans Taxpayer-Funded $1K Stimulus Checks for Illegal Aliens

by JOHN BINDER 10 May 2021

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) is planning to provide eligible illegal aliens in his state with up to $1,000 stimulus checks, paid for by the state’s taxpayers.

As part of a $275 million budget package, Murphy is offering eligible illegal aliens — those who were unable to secure state and federal relief during the Chinese coronavirus crisis — about $40 million worth of taxpayer-funded aid in the form of one-time stimulus checks.

Eligible illegal aliens could receive up to $1,000 and up to $2,000 per household. Murphy’s office said they may consider a second round of stimulus checks for illegal aliens at a later date depending on federal aid for New Jersey.

The move comes after illegal aliens in New Jersey started a hunger strike, demanding they receive $2,000 stimulus checks, as Breitbart News reported.

In April, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) set out a blueprint for Democrat-controlled states to provide thousands of illegal aliens with stimulus checks, paid for by American taxpayers. In New York, thanks to Cuomo’s budget, illegal aliens are getting about $2.1 billion — or $15,600 each — so long as they can prove they were previously ineligible for state and federal aid.

New York’s aid to illegal aliens is $1.1 billion more in funding than tax credits and grants authorized for small businesses in the state budget.
Today, there are nearly half a million illegal aliens living in the state of New Jersey.