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    Notary Raided After Allegedly Selling Fake ID’s to Migrants

    27 Dec 2016
    Denham Springs, LA

    DENHAM SPRINGS, Louisiana – A Louisiana woman was arrested and charged by Denham Springs Police after allegedly selling fake driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

    Criselda Meraz, 59, was allegedly selling fraudulent licenses to illegal immigrants living in the state, with police saying the woman’s business seems to have been operating for a while now, according to WAFB.

    Denham Springs Police Chief Shannon Womack said the investigation into Meraz began on December 20 after a patrol officer pulled over an illegal immigrant and found that he had a fake driver’s license.

    The illegal immigrant told the police officer that he had received the driver’s license at River Road Notary Tax Title, the business which Meraz operated.

    Photo: DSPD

    On December 23, Denham Springs officials raided the business, finding at least 60 fake driver’s licenses, and materials to produce hundreds more.

    Beyond seizing the equipment to make the fake driver’s licenses, police also reportedly found $30,000 in cash, along with oxycodone–which Meraz had on her at the time, despite not having a proper prescription for the drug.

    Meraz is now being charged with forgery and possession of the oxycodone, as police officials said the investigation is ongoing.
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    Why haven't they been checking these DL out for the last 40 years?

    That one thing alone would have been helped a lot with illegal immigration.

    It doesn't seem like it would be hard to spot a fake DL. They always, or should always, run the license when they stop someone.

    Enforce our laws - they are there for a reason.

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