'Look for powerful propaganda video' of kids crying


Illegal immigrant children at U.S. Southern border
When the Obama administration leaked to the press last week that the president would launch a “mass deportation” campaign against a few hundred illegal Central American immigrants, there was likely more to that story than met the eye, says an immigration watchdog.

Since the tip-off came that federal immigration officials plan to start deportation raids as early as next month, immigration advocacy groups have mobilized to thwart any action before it happens, MSNBC reports.

Immigrant allies are rushing to prepare plans to “shield” those who could be targeted, according to the report.

“These anticipated raids are not a done deal and we are hoping that as people of faith and immigrants and citizens, we can demonstrate to Obama that this is not the legacy that he wants to leave,” Nicole Kligerman of the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, told the cable news giant.

But William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration, or ALIPAC, has a different take on the planned raids.

If they are indeed carried out, he anticipates a small number of selectively targeted raids will be highly publicized by the establishment media.

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration.

He sees a the real mission of the raids as anything but an attempt to rein in illegal immigration – which results in about 400,000 illegals per year joining a record 1.1 million legal immigrants who come annually to the United States. No, he says the raids will be used as a propaganda tool, directed squarely at the rising campaign juggernaut of Donald Trump.

Attacking the ‘real reason for Trump’s rise’

“He (Obama) knows the real reason for Trump’s rise, and it’s the deportations that Trump has promised,” Gheen said.
Multiple polls show a majority of Americans support deporting illegal immigrants, even though establishment elites in the media say it would be impossible and “wreak havoc” on America’s social fabric and labor markets.

“Obama’s real mission is to counter Trump on that policy. Trump has risen to first place in the GOP primary by promising to deport all illegal immigrants, as our laws require, and by sending back the Syrian refugees,” Gheen said. “Obama is going to try to use deportations as political theater to sour the American public on deportations.”

How will he do this?

We expect intense propaganda footage, of women and children being dragged out to the street, by armed immigration agents, to create propaganda against mass deportation as a policy,” Gheen said.

He said news giants like MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC will all be more than happy to provide the cameras and the journalists to make this political theater the talk of the supper table for millions of Americans, appealing to their emotions and their good will.

“Obama hopes to sour the American public against the mass deportations promised by Donald Trump by providing powerful propaganda and political theater,” Gheen said. “So you’ll see lots of raids but only in places where there’s lots of TV cameras being run by Obama supporters.”

Europe provides model for ‘shock video’

They already have a successful model for this ploy, he said.

“We’ve seen the same techniques in Europe, where Muslim refugees have thrown themselves onto railroad tracks to make it look like authorities standing near them pushed them,” he said. “They didn’t tell anybody. They just threw themselves on the tracks.

“So we need to begin bracing the American public for a series of shock videos designed to take the steam out of the Trump campaign, because it’s no longer a Trump campaign. It’s a movement. And part of that movement involves deportations,” he continued.

In reality, he said deportations could be done in a far more civil manner.

“Trump, I believe, will do that in a very humane and peaceful way, whereas Obama will be looking for shock value,” Gheen said. “Look for on-camera interviews of little kids crying and saying, ‘Please, please don’t deport my mommy and daddy.’”

Gheen said he would not be surprised if these interviews were carried out next to white immigration agents with guns, “dragging crying brown women and children out into the streets.”

“They won’t miss an opportunity to promote the ‘white males with guns are bad’ meme,” he said. “There’s no shortage of black and Hispanic immigration agents, but they will show white males with guns carrying out the deportations. They’re going to be set up. And woe to the poor officers who get assigned to this detail because what they are going to do is try to merge the illegal immigrant struggle with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ struggle by showing illegals being abused by white male officers.”

Not only would such actions create public backlash against Trump’s deportation plans, but it would also provide fodder to fire up the Democrat base leading up to the 2016 presidential election, Gheen said.

“They will use the ‘white males with guns are bad’ story to try to create black and Hispanic cohesion leading up to the 2016 elections. There’s no other reason. Why else would we see Obama finally starting to deport people in the final 12 months of his eight-year term?” he said. “If deporting illegal immigrants were really important to Obama, he would have done it a long time ago.”

More than 100,000 women and children from Central America have entered the U.S. at the Southern border since the summer of 2014.

Even by the admission of Obama’s own officials, the planned raids would only be carried out against a few hundred of those 100,000 illegal immigrants.

“And I know 100 percent that Obama would not be doing this if Jeb Bush were the frontrunner,” Gheen added. “Obama would not be doing this if it were not for Trump. Obama is trying here to put the worms back in the can that Trump opened.”

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