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    Obama's strategy in 17 Battleground States

    Obama's campaign considers the following states as still too close to call:
    MT, NV, ND, CO, NM, WI, IA, MO, MI, IL, OH, NH, VA, NC, GA, FL, PA.

    Nevada and Florida are particularly close.

    How many foreign donors does Obama have, anyway? Anyone counting?

    Watch video of campaign appeal: ... 17_DP_ND_X
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    Method Obama McCain
    Latest Poll Per State 243 261
    Poll of Polls 273 265
    Survey USA 159 269
    Rasmussen Reports 228 259
    Quinnipiac 131 51
    Research 2000 42 95
    Zogby 335 131

    National Average 45.3% 43.6%
    Weighted Nat'l Avg 45.5% 47.0%

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