Over 120 immigrants arrested at RGV checkpoint, new technology added

by Sydney Hernandez, CBS 4 News
Friday, May 17th 2019

As many U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoints around the United States are closing, those in South Texas are open and busier than ever.

In 72 hours, agents assigned to the Javier Vega Jr. checkpoint caught over 120 undocumented immigrants hiding, attempting to get smuggled into the United States.

"These border patrol checkpoints are essential for border security," said Marcelino Medina, Supervisory Border Patrol Agent. "These individuals are placed in these positions and forced into these trailers where they try to make their way into these checkpoints."

Agents found 24 undocumented immigrants hiding in a tractor trailer, when the driver was pulled over for second inspection.

"They were due to a Border Patrol K9 alert which is what initially detected there was something going on with those individuals," said Medina.

Two days later, a dark pickup truck with a travel trailer was caught hiding 13 undocumented immigrants in the back.

Minutes after that bust, a Border Patrol K9 sniffed out 39 immigrants hiding in a cargo trailer.

Then moments after that, agents discovered another pickup hiding 46 people inside.

"This is a very dangerous tactic to get them across and as you can imagine this is a safety concern," said Medina.

The smuggling drivers were arrested and all undocumented immigrants were taken into processing.

Agents say with new technology, RGV checkpoints are more secure than ever.

"The new Falfurrias checkpoint is operational- it has expanded lanes compared to the older one and it is fitted with modern technology," said Medina.

With all eyes on the border, RGV Border Patrol agents are making sure they are covering all their bases on the ground, in the air, and at the checkpoints.