Victor Paul, Wanduck Dawkins arrested Friday

6:44 PM EDT May 13, 2014
Claire Metz

HOLLY HILL, Fla. —Two men arrested in Holly Hill Friday are accused of human smuggling, bringing undocumented workers to the United States from the Bahamas.

Victor Paul and Wanduck Dawkins were charged in federal court and are being held without bond after investigators said they've been using boats to bring undocumented Haitian and Bahamian workers into Ponce Inlet.

Dawkins allegedly told federal investigators he himself was in the country illegally and agreed to help Paul and another man named in the criminal complaint, but not yet charged.

That man is Jeffrey Hanks, who with his wife and five others were also arrested Friday, accused of dealing in huge amounts of prescription pills and running the drug operation through several businesses they own on State Street.!NhOjC