Tuesday, April 24, 2018 | Chad Groening

An immigration watchdog says it's no surprise that a majority of Californians want their stated ridded of illegal aliens and support cooperating with federal immigration law enforcement.

According to a recent Survey USA poll, only 25 percent of California voters believed that "state law enforcement should block ICE from detaining" a non-violent illegal alien, with 54 percent believe that law enforcement should either assist ICE or "stay out of the way" while they do their job.

And only 11 percent of respondents believe that the alien should be protected from ICE, while 78 percent stated that local law enforcement should cooperate with federal agents or stay out of the process completely.

Furthermore, a new survey from the University of California at Berkeley revealed that 59 percent of Californians believe that it is "important to increase deportations of those here without documentation."

"Surprise, surprise," responds Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, or FAIR.

"Even in California," he observes, "people don't want criminals who could be removed from the country put back out of the streets where they can offend again and likely will offend again."

It's not news that California is home to thousands of illegal immigrants but Pew Research reported in 2017 that a Southern California has approximately 1.4 million illegals, the largest cluster in the United States.

Meanwhile, Californians are witnessing a civil war between liberal Democratic politicians vowing to shield illegals from federal immigration laws and local communities now pushing back at a controversial state law that punishes local law enforcement for cooperating.

Mehlman says radical groups have taken over the California legislature despite the fact that most Californians disagree with their agenda.

"Most people in California, just like most people in the rest of the country," he say, "understand that we need to have our immigration laws enforced."