Potential Haslam Veto of Sanctuary Bill Hurts Boyd But ‘Could Ignite’ Harwell’s Campaign

May 18, 2018

Chris Alto

Open borders and leftist groups are demanding Governor Haslam veto the sanctuary city bill.

Proponents of the bill who don’t want criminal illegal aliens released into their communities, want the bill to become law – with or without the Governor’s signature.

Putting HB2315 into state law helps Haslam make good on his own campaign promises.

As to a potential Haslam veto, Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill says it hurts Boyd but could be just the antidote for Harwell’s anemic campaign:

A veto of the anti-sanctuary city bill by Governor Haslam could create a backlash against Randy Boyd due to his close political and personal relationship with him. But the downside to Boyd would be small in comparison to the benefit to Speaker Beth Harwell who could immediately lead a highly visible and popular legislative effort to overturn the veto which would almost certainly be successful. A veto would be the best campaign contribution that Haslam could give her, and it could ignite her struggling campaign.

If Governor Haslam doesn’t veto or sign the bill by Tuesday, May 22nd, it will become law without his signature.