by Brandon Darby 5 Sep 2014, 11:14 AM PDT

LUBBOCK, Texas — A Tucson, Arizona kidnapping and extortion plot of an American teen on U.S. soil was committed by previously deported illegal aliens from Mexico and a U.S. citizen who was arrested multiple times by Border Patrol agents for alleged alien smuggling and let go without prosecution by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. A group of six or seven men kidnapped the American teen in Tucson and mistakenly thought he belonged to a wealthy family. The men tortured the teen and insisted his parents hand over $400,000.

Breitbart Texas has exclusively confirmed that three of the subjects are Mexican nationals who have been previously deported from the United States. A Situational Awareness Report from the Joint Intelligence and Operations Center was sent to law enforcement agents in the region and it stated, “On September 2nd, Tucson Police received a report that a 16-year-old male had been kidnapped … TPD officers were able to apprehend four of the subjects from the residence that ran out of the house when they approached … the 16-year-old victim also exited the house, he had a blindfold on his face and his hands were tied. The victim had obvious signs of trauma that appeared to be from physical assault … in the residence, officers found an assault rifle, several handguns, and narcotics … Record checks reveal that three of the subjects are citizens of Mexico that have been previously deported from the U.S., the other two subjects are U.S. citizens … one of the U.S. citizens had been arrested on two prior occasions by the Nogales Border Patrol Station for alien smuggling … on both occasions, prosecutions was not sought.”

The report was provided to Breitbart Texas by a U.S. federal agent who revealed the information on the condition of anonymity.

Open-source aspects of the issue were first reported by Tucson News Now, though they did not report that several of the subjects were Mexican nationals who had been previously deported or that one of the U.S. citizens was not prosecuted by U.S. authorities after repeated arrests by U.S. Border Patrol for alien smuggling. According to Tucson News Now, the teenage victim “said he was tied up, beaten and drugged several times over a 24-hour period. It all started on Tuesday afternoon when he was invited over to a friend's house to play video games. It ended on Wednesday when TPD [Tucson Police Department] surrounded the house, and quite possibly, saved this young man's life.”

“They tied me up. They were asking me personal questions about my family, about things like that... Where do they live, what do they do, this and that.” The report continued, “That's because their end game was money. A group of five to seven men, he said, beat him, drugged him and made him drink tequila until he vomited."