By Paul Bedard • 9/15/15 3:23 PM

The focus on illegal immigration from Latin America has overshadowed another growing trend: unauthorized Chinese coming into the United States.

A report from the Migration Policy Institute, an immigration think tank, reveals that there are 285,000 Chinese illegals in the United states, up from 70,000 in 1990, a 307 percent jump.

From Asia overall, there are 1.5 million unauthorized people, a 385 percent jump since 1990.

Most, an estimated 400,000, live in California, said the Institute.

The numbers are troubling for the United States which is urging China, in advance of the Chinese president's visit to the White House, to take its illegals back, including 900 viewed as violent offenders.

In a newsletter issued Tuesday, the Institute said China isn't providing key documents to deport the illegals.

"Dozens of Chinese citizens with outstanding deportation orders were apprehended in early June in cities across the United States, only to be released over the following three months as China failed to provide documents to complete their removal. U.S. immigration officials sought to reduce the backlog of 39,000 Chinese nationals awaiting deportation for violating U.S. immigration laws, including 900 classed as violent offenders," said the group.