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    San Diego Spending $5M in Taxpayer Money to Give Lawyers to Illegal Aliens

    San Diego Spending $5M in Taxpayer Money to Give Lawyers to Illegal Aliens

    by JOHN BINDER 5 May 2021

    San Diego County, California, will spend $5 million to provide taxpayer-funded lawyers to illegal aliens in federal custody to help them fight their deportations.

    This week, San Diego’s Board of Supervisors approved a one-year pilot program that will cost taxpayers about $5 million to reward illegal aliens with free legal representation so they can fight their deportations in court.

    The Associated Press reports:

    The 3-2 vote orders work to begin on a $5 million, one-year pilot program administered through the county’s public defender’s office
    . It would provide lawyers for free to those detained at Otay Mesa Detention Center, the local federal immigration detention facility. [Emphasis added]

    County staff have 90 days to report back on a plan to fund and operate the program permanently in partnership with immigrant defense and non-profit groups. [Emphasis added]

    While dozens of Democrat-controlled localities have adopted taxpayer-funded programs to provide free lawyers to illegal aliens fighting deportation, San Diego County would be the first jurisdiction along the United States-Mexico border to adopt such a measure.

    Already, San Diego County has a rigid sanctuary policy that shields criminal illegal aliens from arrest and deportation. More than a year ago, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials accused San Diego County of hiding details on illegal aliens charged with child abuse.
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    But they have no money to house OUR homeless people!

    This is disgusting!

    $5 million can buy a lot of Sheds from Home Depot to get our homeless out of tents, off the streets, and into shelter.


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