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    Sen. Carper calls for boats, horses, and technology at border, not a wall

    Rob Petree 8 hrs ago

    Delaware's senior U.S. Senator Tom Carper agreed to weigh in on what he feels would be the best approach for comprehensive border reform in an exclusive interview with Delaware 105.9, which comes on the heels of a statement where he said President Trump's proposal for a wall at the southern border "won't solve our immigration challenges."

    Sen. Carper feels a wall in certain areas is needed; however, he feels building a wall to stretch across the entire border would be a "wasteful endeavor." Instead, the Senator is calling for an investment in technology, which he says would be a lower cost to taxpayers and provide more security as opposed to spending billions on a wall.

    "There are a lot of places in the thousands of miles that connect the Pacific to the Gulf Coast where there are other ideas that make more sense, and there's hundreds of miles where a fence would make sense and there's a lot of places where a fence, maybe with a road alongside the fence at least on our side to give mobility to customs and border patrol, makes sense," Sen. Carper said. "The idea of using drones, pilot-less aircraft, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, to do surveillance, and in some cases with very high altitudes with highly sophisticated surveillance equipment that enables us to see through those platforms well into Mexico, not just a couple miles but twenty, thirty, and forty miles, that makes sense."

    "The idea of having boats, and having boat ramps, that makes sense. In some places there are a lot of river, the Rio Grande River, and other places where that makes more sense where a wall, a road, or a fence don't even work," Sen. Carper said. "The idea of in some places where we have high vegetation to have border patrol on horseback, where they can actually see over the vegetation and see people coming in and out, makes sense."

    "The idea of having better intelligent exchanges with Mexico, and providing assistance to Mexico so they can stop people at their southern border from coming in, that makes sense," said Sen. Carper. "There's no one single answer to this."

    In October 2016, Senator Carper traveled to Mexico and met with key leaders to discuss U.S.-Mexico relations, the flow of Central American migrants through Mexico and issues concerning drug and human trafficking.

    Last week, Sen. Carper met with Gerónimo Gutiérrez, Mexican Ambassador to the U.S. Gerónimo Gutiérrez, to discuss immigration policy, security cooperation and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
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    We already give them money to stop people at their Southern border. Extortion! They give these people 20 days passes to get here and they the Coyotes are in on it too.

    Build the damn wall and deport them all within 24 hours of capture!

    Get them out of the State and local jurisdiction...hand over to ICE and put in Tent City and get them OUT


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