Speaker Pelosi Leads UniParty Toward Vote Revoking Presidential Border Emergency Declaration…

February 26, 2019 by sundance

No issue exposes the nature of the UniParty agenda in congress; and no issue highlights the disconnect between the UniParty ruling class; and no issue displays how much lobbyist funding indulges the Uniparty membership; as the issue of immigration and open borders.

The multinational interests of Wall Street, business groups, big AG, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and their K-Street lobbyists pay the UniParty congress tens-of-millions to keep U.S. immigration policy weak and the U.S-Mexico border unsecured.

The only person who is not a beneficiary within this immigration scheme is President Donald Trump.

Today House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is set to kick-off a congressional vote in an attempt to block President Trump’s declaration of a national security emergency. We can anticipate multiple purchased republican (decepticon) members going along with the Pelosi plan.

To highlight the duplicitous and fraudulent position of these congressional members, it’s worth noting when President Obama used the same executive branch declaration to allow illegal aliens to receive deferred deportation action none of the aforementioned UniParty interests made any similar effort to stop the declaration.

Pelosi’s plan will easily pass the House; then it’s on to the Senate – the epicenter of the Decepticon Caucus. Within the Senate it’s likely Mitch McConnell will watch his lead immigration Decepticons, those who retain highest payments from Tom Dononue and the U.S. CoC, will align with the open-border initiative and support Pelosi. They only need a simple majority of 51 Senate votes.

Decepticon Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Thom Tillis will align with the Senate Democrats; but don’t be fooled…. Once McConnell organizes the 51 votes he needs for Pelosi, the remaining Decepticons will sneakily vote against the proposal to give the impression of supporting President Trump. However, this is only a ruse… this is how the Decepticon’s hide their membership; they only deploy just enough members for each vote so they can cover the scale of their usurping assembly.

McConnell will try to cover for Decepticon members, including the BIG AG group that relies on support from Multinational BIG AG and the illegal alien labor that support it.

In varying degrees of severity the Decepticon Caucus also includes: Thune, Portman, Cornyn, Blunt, Barasso, Burr, Romney, Gardner, Johnson, Crapo, Ernst, Young, McSally, Rubio, Perdue, Roberts, Moran, Hyde-Smith, Daines, Sasse, Lankford and Toomey.

Leader Mitch McConnell mitigates the Decpticon exposure by organizing which ones will vote against the Trump agenda, which one’s gain sunlight, depending on the issue at hand.

President Trump will veto any attempt to block his national security declaration; this backs McConnell into a corner because in order to carry out their schemes the Decepticons have to remain hidden.

Fortunately, if McConnell allowed his caucus to override a veto, the scale of sunlight would be just too much…. that, and President Donald Trump, is the only thing working in our favor.