'Still talking here’: Dan Savage ignites Ann Coulter in heated exchange over illegal immigration

May 9, 2016 | Tom Tillison

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter got into a heated exchange with hard-left LGBT activist Dan Savage over Donald Trump’s stance on illegal immigration.

Appearing on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Coulter came to Trump’s defense when Savage said the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee’s campaign began with “a big lie about people who are coming here legally or illegally.”

He then referenced a comment Trump made about some illegal immigrants being rapists and murderers that set Coulter off.

“What do you mean it’s a lie?” she interjected. “You’re claiming illegal aliens don’t commit murder and rapes?”

Savage said Trump’s claim is a “demagogic lie… you are likelier to be raped in this country, per capita, by people who are born in this country.”

“First of all, it’s not true,” Coulter countered, but before she could make her point, Savage began talking over her.

“Still talking here!” she admonished.

“These aren’t people we have to have here,” Coulter said. “We already have our own rapists and murderers. We don’t need to be bringing in more rapists and murderers.”

Savage would also dismiss Trump’s insistence on building a wall along the southern border, saying the “rationale for building this wall is bullsh*t.”

But he saved his best — or worst — invective for Trump supporters after Coulter suggested the American people “are overwhelmingly voting for Trump.”

“No, the GOP base — which is overwhelmingly rubes, idiots, sexists, racists — are overwhelmingly voting for Trump,” he fired back.