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Thread: Supreme Court Says Federal Courts Cannot Interfere in Deportations

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    Supreme Court Says Federal Courts Cannot Interfere in Deportations

    Supreme Court Says Federal Courts Cannot Interfere in Deportations

    by Neil Munro 25 Jun 2020

    The U.S. Supreme Court says Congress can bar the nation’s federal courts from interfering in the agencies’ deportation of illegal aliens.
    “An alien … has only those rights regarding admission that Congress has provided by statute,” said the 7-2 decision by Justice Samuel Alito. “An alien who tries to enter the country illegally is treated an an ‘applicant for admission,’ an alien who is detained shortly after unlawful entry cannot be said to have ‘effected an [legal] entry.”

    The decision in Department of Homeland Security vs. Thuraissigiam is a victory for President Donald Trump’s effort to enforce U.S. migration law.
    The new decision comes one day after a D.C. appeal court allowed the immigration agencies to begin the fast-track “expedited removal” of illegal migrants caught deep inside the United States.

    Dale Wilcox, executive director of the Immigration Reform Law Institute, said:

    The Court made absolutely the right call in this case. All aliens in the petitioner’s position are free to leave detention by leaving the country, so the writ has zero applicability to them. Today’s decision will allow expedited removal to work as intended, and prevent the further clogging of a removal system already severely overburdened due to decades of neglect.

    Immigration lawyers slammed the Supreme Court’s decision, which will allow the Department of Justice’s own corps of immigration judges to deport migrants before they can hire lawyers to file appeals at the federal courts.
    Replying to @matt_cam
    37/ This dissent is very good and you should read it but I have to go for the extremely relevant reason that I'm trying to get an asylum seeker out of ICE custody

    38/ But in short: if Trump gets 4 years the Supreme Court has just handed him nearly unchecked power to grab non-citizens from any American street, ignore their pleas for asylum, and deport them w/o judicial review. This is something his admin is already explicitly trying to do

    12:16 PM - Jun 25, 2020

    “This is absolutely awful,” said Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, who works for the pro-migration American Immigration Council. Alito “has ripped apart due process protections for people who are on US soil. As of today, Al Qaeda prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have more access to the right of habeas corpus than asylum seekers fleeing harm.” He continued:

    Alito’s citations in dicta and footnotes of the blatantly political Trump administration’s attacks on asylum, as if they’re neutral facts about the asylum process, make me want to tear out my hair.

    The Constitution weeps.

    Amy Maldonado @AmyMaldonadoLaw

    It is a dark day for the Supreme Court. The Thuraissiam decision will join Plessy vs. Ferguson, Korematsu vs US and Dred Scott in the annals of history. #RBG’s betrayal is particulary disappointing. Thank you, Justices #SoniaSotomayor and Elena Kagan, for your dissent

    10:41 AM - Jun 25, 2020

    In general, immigration lawyers want the Supreme Court to insist that federal judges can keep their illegal-immigrant clients in the United States, regardless of decisions by the special immigration courts.

    However, many of the lawyers also cheered the Supreme Court’s recent decision to block President Trump’s 2017 decision to deny work permits to “DACA” illegal immigrants, on the ground that the original decision did not include enough explanation.

    In general, business groups and many white-collar professionals favor illegal immigration because it provides them with extra consumers, workers, and renters, as well as cheaper services.

    But illegal immigration hurts blue-collar Americans by nudging down wages, by boosting housing costs, and by adding more chaotic diversity to the K-12 schools used by their children.

    The decision shows the impact of a one-judge majority on the politically ambitious Supreme Court.

    On June 18, once a single GOP-nominated judge switched sides to join with the four-judge liberal bloc. Those five judges voted to preserve President Barack Obama’s 2012 partial amnesty for 800,000 younger illegal migrants.

    The June 26 decision was recorded as 7-2 only because two of the Democrat-nominated judges concluded the court’s decision was correct in this particular case. They did not say it is correct for most cases — leaving them plenty of room to reverse their views if Democrat judges can recruit one of the GOP-nominated judges to their pro-migration side.

    Neil Munro @NeilMunroDC

    SCOTUS summary: DACA is illegal, but we're keeping it until Trump's deputy sends us a memo saying what his deputy said in June 2018.
    Once the new memo arrives, the 4 Democrats on the court will invent a new rationale to preserve DACA's 700K work permits.

    Supreme Court Preserves DACA, Work Permits for 700k Illegal Immigrants

    The Supreme Court preserved Obama's DACA amnesty, saying the Trump WH had not properly considered the impact on illegal immigrants.
    1:13 PM - Jun 18, 2020
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    Let their Embassy pay for their "removal" transporation back home. We are not the Travel Agent for 40 MILLION illegal aliens!

    Their Embassy pays or NO more visa's should be issued to these countries. No financial aid either!

    Cut off housing, jobs, school, welfare, food stamps, anchor baby, healthcare, bank accounts, drivers licenses, and make them self deport.
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