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    Suspect Caught Wearing Border Patrol Clothing

    Suspect Caught Wearing Border Patrol Clothing
    Aug 30, 2005, 07:06 PM

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    Suspect Caught Wearing Border Patrol Clothing

    Reported by Roxanne Lerma

    An accused drug smuggler is arrested after a high speed chase that ended south of Expressway 83 on La Homa Road in Palmview.

    What the suspect was wearing, has sparked another investigation.

    Regina Alfaro was sitting peacefully outside her home, waiting for her daughter to arrive from school when the stillness was shattered by half a dozen patrol cars roaring by.

    "I saw all the cop cars zooming by here and I didn't know what was happening until I saw the man run off."

    The pursuit began as a routing traffic stop. A Mission police officer tried to pull over the suspect for speeding, but he kept on driving, until he hit a dead end.

    The man then fled on foot towards a nearby canal, but only fifteen minutes later he was captured, hiding in a brushy area.

    "Certainly the K-9 played a big role as far as sweeping the subject to a certain area where the officers were already setting up a perimeter," said Mission police Sgt. Martin Garza.

    The accused smuggler's outfit has sparked added attention. Police say the Mexican national was wearing a Border Patrol shirt and cap when he was detained.

    "They're very common and common use in pseudo cop incidents as well. The subject, it is still undetermined at this time if he is a pseudo cop but that's going to be under investigation as well," said Garza.

    Whatever the suspect might be tied to Alfaro is just grateful he's off the streets, and out of her neighborhood.

    Half an hour after police cleared the scene, her little girl arrived home on the bus.

    "It scares me. There's so many things that happen. I was so scared for the kids, but luckily it was over by then." ... v=0w0vdwJV
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