Traffic Stop Nets Meth Valued At $2.6 Million


It was another big bust for the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes and Apprehension Team (MCAT) when Deputy Bill Murray and K9 Flores discovered what is believed to be crystal methamphetamine with a street value estimated at $2.6 million inside of a truck traveling east on Interstate 40 east of Holbrook on June 11.

Murray made the routine traffic stop after he noticed the vehicle driven by Erasmo Aguirre-Padilla, 31, a Mexican National living in Amarillo, Texas, had a cracked windshield and an illegally mounted radar detection device on the windshield. When the K9 alerted to the vehicle, it was discovered that a large compressor in the bed of the truck had a false bottom and contained 58 pounds of the alleged drug. After his arrest, it was learned that the Department of Homeland Security had recently released Aguirre-Padilla from custody following an earlier arrest.

Upon learning of this arrest, Sheriff K.C. Clark stated, “This is another example of the federal government’s policy of catch and release on illegal immigration. Some of these individuals like Aguirre-Padilla are criminals and are a danger to our communities. The damage that 58 pounds of this poison does to our families and communities is huge. How many other loads of this poison has he done while on catch and release?” Aguirre-Padilla was booked into the Navajo County Jail on charges of transportation of dangerous drugs for sale, possession of dangerous drugs for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is being held without bond.

Photo courtesy of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office
The 58 pounds of methamphetamine reportedly found during a traffic stop east of Holbrook last week has an estimated street value of $2.6 million.

Erasmo Aguirre-Padilla