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Thread: Trump: 'Comprehensive' Immigration Plan Coming in 'Two Weeks'

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    Trump: 'Comprehensive' Immigration Plan Coming in 'Two Weeks'

    Friday, August 26, 2016 08:43 PM
    By: Todd Beamon

    Donald Trump said Friday that he would present "a very comprehensive" immigration plan "in two weeks" amid conflicting reports saying that he is softening his position on what to do with more than 11 million illegals in the United States.

    "I will be announcing something within the next two weeks," the Republican nominee told Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox News in a telephone interview. "A very comprehensive plan on immigration.

    "We're going to start off by securing the border — by getting rid of the horrible criminal element that's causing tremendous havoc, drug dealers, gang members," Trump added. "I think people will be extremely happy."

    Trump's disclosure came amid news reports saying that the Republican was backing away from his strong rhetoric calling for deporting illegals, building a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico and banning Muslims from entering the country.

    But the nominee beat back such observations Thursday, telling CNN's Anderson Cooper that "there's no path to legalization unless people leave the country."

    He was just as firm with Guilfoyle on Friday.

    "There will be no amnesty," he said. "There is no legalization.

    "We're going to secure the border. Once the border is secured, and we get rid of the criminal elements … we will look into various situations.

    "But people are here illegally," Trump said. "We have to remember that we have a country that's based on laws and the people are here illegally."
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    Finding out that Chris Christie and others in his inner circle are pushing for amnesty and hearing Mr. Trump use words such as "paying back taxes" and now "comprehensive immigration plan", the same words of open borders, amnesty supporters, it is somewhat unnerving.

    I know Mr. Trump would do things to gain control of immigration. Amnesty would be the biggest betrayal. We must have the third world leave us before it overtakes us and begin to reverse the immigration policy of taking people who are little educated and low skilled and possibly criminals or terrorists who cannot successfully assimilate. We must look toward first world nations and reach toward higher standards for entry.
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    He said there would be no amnesty and no legalization. We already have plenty of agricultural visas for agricultural and livestock work, the last time I checked, many are unused. So they need to go home and apply for one. There are rules that put the burden of departure on the farmer and they have to pay a certain wage, cover travel expenses and take responsibility.

    To the farmers I ask, are you working on the thought that there is something ethnic or racial about agricultural work? Is that why you won't hire Americans? You don't think Americans who have farmed this country since it was founded aren't capable of doing this work and only illegal aliens from other countries are? Or is it you want to hire illegal aliens so you can pay them for 40 while they work 24 hours? What is it? Why can't you sell your job opportunities to unemployed Americans? Is the pay rate, the benefits, the expenses they would need to be compensated for that you don't pay to illegal aliens?

    It's time for Agriculture to get honest, come clean, and hire Americans, treat them right, and like all Americans who are trained and paid properly, they will work their asses off for you and do a great job!!
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