Posted on February 6, 2013 at 10:54 PM
by Dillon Collier / KENS 5

Hours after the bodies of three undocumented immigrants were pulled from a Wilson County stock tank, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement official described the wreckless way human smugglers often work.

"They don't care about the risk involved to the illegal alien," said special agent Fred Hollenbeck.

"All they care about is the dollar."

More than a dozen people were jammed into a Chevy Tahoe when it crashed into a pond southeast of Floresville early Wednesday morning.

The SUV became submerged in nine feet of water.

Three passengers, all undocumented immigrants, drowned.

"Very tragic, trying to come over to make a better life for themselves," said Wilson County Sheriff Joe D. Tackitt.

"It was tragic they have to end their lives this way."

According to Sheriff Tackitt, the driver will likely face manslaughter charges in connection to the three deaths.

Immigration and Customs officials investigating the case remain tight-lipped about possible federal charges for the driver Wednesday night.

Attempts were still being made to determine the nationalities of the survivors, although initial reports stated many are from Guatemala.

"Human smugglers are ruthless people. They have little value for human life," added Hollenbeck.

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