Undercover video: Clinton campaign worker caught breaking election law by registering Nevada Hispanics to vote with 'meme' photo of Trump that reads: 'THIS IS MY RESTING B**CH FACE'

  • Clinton voter registration canvasser Henry Engelstein was captured on tape using the meme photo to lure Nevada Hispanics in to register to vote
  • He told them in Spanish that Trump is 'a giant clown' and that 'Hillary Clinton is very good'
  • Nevada election law makes it a felony to advise anyone about how to vote when helping them register; penalties range from 1 to 4 years in prison
  • Video footage is conservative guerilla filmmaker James O'Keefe's latest offering; his organization says it won't release all its footage of Engelstein
  • Clinton campaign has no comment but O'Keefe's group has caught Nevada operation on camera before saying: 'Do whatever you can, whatever you can get away with, just do it'

PUBLISHED: 12:10 EST, 30 September 2015 | UPDATED: 12:50 EST, 30 September 2015

A Hillary Clinton campaign worker has been caught on film apparently committing a felony by advising Las Vegas Hispanics how to vote while he is helping them register.

Hidden camera footage shows Henry Engelstein, identified as a campaign 'fellow,' reeling in Spanish-speaking Nevadans on a Las Vegas street with a comical picture of Donald Trump on his smartphone.

'THIS IS MY RESTING B**CH FACE,' the photo's caption reads, meme-style.

'Un payaso muy grande, si!' Engelstein tells passers-by. ('Yes! A giant clown!') In the video, shown to DailyMail.com exclusively by the conservative group Project Veritas Action, he boasts that Latinos' anger against the billionaire Republican front-runner is ample motivation for them to register as voters.


TRUMP BAIT: This is a reconstruction of the 'meme' photo of a frowning Donald Trump that a Clinton voter-registration canvasser in Nevada allegedly used to lure liberal Hispanics

FELONY #1? Hillary For Nevada worker Henry Engelstein told potential voters, while registering them, that he was seeking electoral support for Clinton

FELONY #2? Engelstein denigrates Trump in the video in Spanish, calling the Republican front-runner 'Un payaso muy grande' (a giant clown)

At the same time, Engelstein hammers home his enthusiasm for the former secretary of state, telling them: 'Hillary Clinton es muy bueno. Nosotros trabajando para la campaña de Hillary aquí en Las Vegas. Necesito el apoyo de la gente en la comunidad.'

In English, he is saying: 'Hillary Clinton is very good. We are working for Hillary's campaign here in Las Vegas. I need the support of people in the community.'

The video also shows Engelstein appearing excited by his success rate, and placing a phone call to a colleague in search of reinforcements.

'Come here. Come here,' he says in English. 'There's like hundreds and hundreds of people and I just flash a picture of Donald Trump on my phone and they all sign up.'

'[I've] literally just been flashing this picture,' Englestein tells fellow Clinton campaign worker Phillip Kim when he arrives, showing off the 'B**CH FACE' meme of Trump.

James O'Keefe, the swashbuckling right-winger known for exposing the sale of 'Obamaphones' in Cleveland and bringing down the liberal organizing group ACORN with a prostitution sting, told DailyMail.com that his organization is engaged in a full-court Clinton press.

'Our investigation of Hillary's campaign has just begun,' O'Keefe said on Wednesday.

'At this very moment there are individuals working as paid staffers for the Clinton campaign that are in fact Project Veritas Action journalists. This is far from over, Hillary.'

Nevada law makes advocating for or against a candidate during the voter-registration process a Class E felony.

Hillary staffer registers voters with pitch against Trump

WARNING: James O'Keefe, the colorful guerilla video journalist, cautions Hillaryland that 'his own staff includes undercover operatives 'working as paid staffers for the Clinton campaign'

Section 10 of Nevada Revised Statute 293, Section 505 prohibits any 'person assisting a voter' with registration from 'solicit[ing] a vote for or against a particular ... candidate' or speaking with them in any way about whom to vote for.
Penalties include a jail term of between 1 and 4 years.

Engelstein couldn't be reached on Wednesday.

A Clinton campaign spokesman initially declined to comment without seeing the video footage in advance.

'Given [Project] Veritas’s history, we would like to see what sort of editing we are responding to before deciding whether to respond and how,' Hillary for America's Jesse Ferguson said prior to publication.

Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks also declined comment on the video.

Gail J. Anderson, Nevada's deputy secretary of state for he southern region that includes Las Vegas, told DailyMail.com that her office wouldn't draw a legal conclusion unless someone were to file a formal complaint.

But she confirmed that Clinton campaign staffers who help Nevadans complete mail-in voter registration forms qualify as a 'person assisting a voter' under the law's definitions, and pointed DailyMail.com to the section of law that prohibits their electioneering durign the process.

O'Keefe's group released a five-minute video that includes barely 60 seconds of Engelstein's legally questionable moments, but said it had spent far longer 'embedded' with the campaign.

An attorney with the organization declined to release more footage.

'We have adopted a policy that we do not release our raw video as it would comprise the identity of our sources and tactics,' the lawyer said.

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TROUBLE: Campaign lawyer Christina Gupana is under investigation by Nevada election officials after O'Keefe's group filmed her telling workers to 'do whatever you can, whatever you can get away with. ... Just do it until you get kicked out'

'We shot a lot of video that day, as we do every day. As you can imagine, a lot of our time goes into bonding with our subjects and developing trust so that they will speak candidly with us.'

Some of that investment of time showed up in footage Project Veritas released earlier this month.

The group promoted video on September 10 showing both Engelstein and fellow campaign worker Harrison Lee discussing their attempts to sway potential voters during the registration process in front of a Las Vegas public library.

'Yesterday we got kicked out ... because they’re afraid of, like, you know, the voter registration being no longer a neutral thing,' Lee lamented in one exchange.

In footage filmed at one of Clinton's Nevada field offices, Engelstein recounted how a library employee confronted both men.

'She came out with the Nevada statute books,' Engelstein says in that footage, 'and opens it up and starts reading the statute about how you’re allowed to get voter registration.'

'That was, like, the saddest day,' Lee says.

Engelstein's response came with joking exasperation: 'Dude, she had the f**king book!'

REGISTRATION DRIVE: Clinton's campaign, like some others, helps potential voters to get registered – but few have so openly used electioneering as a registration tactic, since it's illegal in every state
Free 'Obama phones' to be sold for drugs

Campaign workers are seen in that video telling Las Vegas attorney Christina Gupana, a Clinton partisan, that a librarian had spotted pro-Clinton electioneering signs, drawing her outside to complain.

'You should just hide all that stuff,' Gupana replies on tape.

Gupana also raised eyebrows in the Sept. 10 video for counseling an undercover operative to ignore laws barring voter registration solicitation inside government buildings.

'Do whatever you can, whatever you can get away with,' Gupana said when asked about a situation involving following a man into the DMV to hand him a voter registration form.

'Just do it until you get kicked out, like, totally.'

'Typically the style of campaigning that we do is – like, we just ask, do they support Hillary Clinton?' Lee later explained on hidden camera. 'And if we’re not allowed to do that, then we ask for forgiveness.'

The office of the Nevada Secretary of State confirmed Tuesday that it is investigating a formal complaint related to the Project Veritas video of Gupana.

An attorney in the office said on background that he was aware of the complaint, but couldn't say what might result from the investigation.

Breitbart.com reported on Sept. 11 that Nevada Deputy Secretary of State for Elections Wayne Thorley had pledged that 'we will be investigating the complaint.'

O'Keefe has become a lightning rod for liberal ire since single-handedly shuttering the decades-old progressive organizing group ACORN in 2009 with a video sting that caught the group's workers advising a fictitious prostitute and her pimp about how to evade tax law and set up a brothel for underage immigrant girls.

He and three cohorts were arrested in 2010 and charged in another sting attempt involving a scheme to record phone conversations inside the Louisiana office of then-Senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat.

O'Keefe pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of entering a federal building under false pretenses and was given three years' probation.

More recently, his guerilla video enterprise has captured mobile phone employees in Ohio handing out so-called 'Obama phones' to low-income people who said they planned to sell them for drugs.

FRESH FISH: Engelstein calls a colleague and is heard on the videotape urging him to see for himself how well the Trump 'meme' photo works as an inducement to register voters

A BAD DAY: O'Keefe was mocked by reporters on Sept. 1 when he called a press conference to release video of a Clinton campaign swag-shop worker accepting a $75 purchase from a Canadian woman, a technical violation of federal law

He went to North Carolina on Election Day 2014 and filmed poll workers offering ballots to ineligible impostors 20 times, putting voter ID laws on the news cycle's front burner.

O'Keefe donned an Osama bin Laden mask with cameras rolling and waded – literally – across the Rio Grande to demonstrate the ease with which an ill-intended jihadi could slip into the United States from Mexico.

And he stood on the prow of a boat bound from Canada to Cleveland, Ohio on Lake Erie, entered the United States without challenge, and walked into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, all to show that an Ebola-infected terrorist could spread the disease without rousing suspicion from a flaccid Homeland Security Department.

More recently, however, O'Keefe laid an egg with his first anti-Hillary video of the year.

WIth breathless reporters watching at the National Press Club, the provocateur accused the Clinton campaign of lawlessly allowing a Canadian woman to buy a t-shirt at a New York City rally.

One of O'Keefe's own undercover operatives happened to be in line at a Hillary swag stand behind the woman, who was disappointed that she was legally prohibited from making what amounted to a foreign political donation.

Undaunted, the Project Veritas staffer offered to play middle-man. Shown the video, reporters rolled their eyes at what amounted to a technical violation in which O'Keefe's operative seemed to also be a participant.

'Is this a joke?' a Daily Beast reporter asked O'Keefe. 'It feels like a prank.'

'Is this a joke?' an indignant O'Keefe parroted. 'Well, the Clin*ton cam*paign doesn’t think it’s a joke, be*cause they’re talk*ing to The Wash*ing*ton Post about it.'


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The field includes two women, an African-American and two Latinos. All but one in that group – Hillary Clinton – are Republicans.

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A few Democrats are still assessing their chances at succeeding in a much smaller group of five that includes a former secretary of state and a current senator.


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