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    I asked this earlier but you must have overlooked it because you were evidently focused on my avatar since that was the issue you commented on. :P

    Here's my question again.

    The couple in the first picture appear to be of Hispanic origin. Did you get to talk with them? They seem to be proud Americans!

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    Sorry about that and yes I got caught on the avatar

    I think that is my favorite picture. Oh yes, they were so sweet. He works for a local defence contractor and they have been here many years. In fact, she appologized for other Mexicans and said what they are doing is very wrong. We told her not to worry about that because they are American and that has nothig to do with race or national origin. And that she shouldn't carry the burden of others. One lady said a friend of hers was naturalized about 3 weeks ago and said she was so happy and it took them 6 years and a lot of money to become citizens. She was really POed at the thought of Amnesty.

    Of course the press didn't interview them. I'm learning some on the fly marketing tricks. Next time, I'm finding the stories before the press gets there and we are shoving those people in front of them. There stories should be the ones that are told.

    I think all the people that immigrated legally should demand a refund from the government for all the trouble they went through if they let these scoundrels in. Reimburse them and pay them restitution. File suit against the US Government for discrimination.

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