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    Quote Originally Posted by Reciprocity
    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndamendsis
    Quote Originally Posted by Reciprocity
    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndamendsis
    Quote Originally Posted by "Reciprocity":3vtzaz0l
    A communist takeing power in Mexico? Thats exactly what i don't want, nor no rational american wants. America would still do buisness in Mexico regardless just like we do with Communist China. What Mexico needs is a Reformist who truely cares about Mexico and its people. There is absolutely no reason Mexico should be the basket case that it is with its vast resourses and influx of investor capital. Its the coruption that is preventing Mexico from improving its living standards for its poor. force these morons in the mexican government to be accountable and you'll see real change, ultimately its up to the mexican people to effect change.
    Guess I'm irrational then.

    I'll take the communist in Mexico over this North American Union Triad hands down. We're in the fight of our lives to save our sovereignty.

    What many folks don't realize is that uniting Americans to fight the communists is a much easier task in the scheme of things than uniting Americans against that which they have no knowledge of. I'd also prefer having Obrador shut the Mex doors which will give us much needed time to get our own house in order.

    It's all how one sees the larger picture. The CFR are a group of not only brilliant, evil people but are so well connected that they make the communists look like cartoon characters.

    Calderone is a CFR/bush/fox pick.
    I beg to differ 2ndamendis, the exact opposite will take place, you would have twice as many illegals trieing to get in the USA with a communist in power, especially the mexican middle class. Obrador is not stupid, he would not sour the relations with the USA and hurt his country even more and bite the hand that feeds mexico, atleast not for some years. I understand the CFR deal and its implications, they would buy off Obrator like they have others, i think either way its a lose-lose deal no matter what.
    We differ on this, R. What we do agree on is that, either way, we're in deep doo doo.

    Nice position that our illustrious "leaders" have put us in, eh?

    I'll still take Obrador - much easier to expose - than the CFR's planned mex pres. The CFR is just about the most powerful gang in the world and throwing a monkey wrench into their plans is about the best we can do at the moment. Every extra bit of time we can get is to our benefit.

    I've thought about this situation for several years. Hashed it every which way and weighed the pros and cons. It's painful, R, very painful for our nation to be in this situation.

    Americans will fight communism before they'll fight the SPP. That's a given and that's the prime reason for my feelings on this subject.

    Either way, I do value your opinion whether I agree with it or not.

    In theory your actually right whereas when i think about it, im actually wrong here. It would further our cause by alienating the Mexican Government. Orbrador would close the door to get tight with Argentina and Bolivia when i think about it that in itself would throw a wrench in the CFR's plans. Still i would hate to se Mexico go down the tubes like that .
    Mexico is already down the tubes to the lowest point it's ever been.

    I'm absolutely not willing to give our sovereingty away without a fight.

    Chavez is a known entity. His dealings with china are out on the table. China's dealings with Iran & puppet North Korea are out on the table. Americans can understand it.

    Chavez - taking Obrador under his wing - would drive Americans into a unified group to fight the communists at the back door.

    You know, I said, I've been going over this for several years through much pain. In the end, I see no other option that would give us time. What Calderone brings to the table is what bush/CFR tells him to bring to the table.

    It's not irrational, this is pure logic and experience. We can control the communists..........NOT THE CFR.

    BTW, I'm enjoying brainstorming this with you [/quote:3vtzaz0l]

    Alway a pleasure 2ndamendsis
    “In questions of power…let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” –Thomas Jefferson

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    Lopez Obrador is paying 2000 pesos more or less 200 bucks to those who want to go to protes to mexico citie..............

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