150 bullets hit 8 apts, 7 cars, 1 woman in NE Portland


Wounded woman hit in the arm, expected to live

by: Jennifer Dowling, KOIN 6 News Staff
Posted: Aug 1, 2020 / 06:18 AM PDT / Updated: Aug 1, 2020 / 05:18 PM PDT

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — More than 150 bullets were fired outside a Northeast Portland apartment building, striking at least 8 occupied apartments and 7 vehicles, wounding one woman late Friday night.

Reports of shots fired were recorded around 11:15 p.m. in the 600 block of NE 87th. Police rushed to the scene and close NE 87th north of Glisan in the Montavilla neighborhood.

More than 150 bullets were fired outside an apartment building on NE 87th Friday night. Eight apartments and 7 cars were hit. One woman was injured. August 1, 2020 (KOIN)

Once they secured the scene, officials said they found evidence more than 150 rounds were fired. The wounded woman was hit in the arm and taken by an ambulance to an area hospital for treatment. She’s expected to live.

Kemoh Sulimani said he was reading scripture when the bullets came flying through his apartment.

“I heard like one gunshot, you know, but I thought it was like a firecracker. But later on, it was like a barrage of gunshots, just going pop-pop-pop-pop,” described Sulimani. “I got kind of scared. And the next thing I know, I sat at my computer and this bullet came inside my room, and flew by my head and lodged into the wall…I hit the floor immediately and turned the light off and began crawling out of the room.”

When the gunfire stopped, Sulimani said he looked outside and saw a young woman who looked badly injured. He said he saw a man come out of his apartment and tried to help the woman.


“He held her and was trying to comfort her, telling her just to be calm, stay still until the police officers came,” recounted Sulimani.

That man was Aragon Marks. After hearing the gunfire, he ran outside to help the injured victim.

Aragon Marks rushed to aid a woman after she had been shot outside his apartment in Northeast Portland on August 1, 2020 (KOIN)

“I saw a young lady, ran back in, grabbed the tourniquet,” said Marks. “Her arm was just fractured. [I] got the tourniquet on her and was able to help her out.”

Sulimani said the violence in the area has been getting worse. He’s asking city and state leaders to do something about it.

“Somebody needs to save us, help us. It should be the role of government officials to make sure citizens are safe in the place they live,” said Sulimani. “Any one of us—if not me then my neighbors—could have been dead last night.”

At this time, no other injuries were reported.

Investigators said they are unsure currently if any of the 7 vehicles hit by gunfire were occupied at the time. The investigation is active and ongoing. No arrests have been made. Anyone with information is asked to call PPB at 503.823.3333. The case number is 20-238571.

Kemoh Sulimani points to a bullet hole in his home. August 1, 2020 (KOIN)