Aamar the Muslim: GLOBALISTS have driven a wedge between Christians and Muslims, encouraging them to hate each other

03/03/2024 // Kevin Hughes // 1K Views

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According to Muslim believer Aamar, the globalists have driven a wedge between Christians and Muslims – forcing them to hate each other.
The Health Ranger Mike Adams opened his live interview with Aamar, who recently visited the Brighteon.com studios, by saying that people are living in a world where the powers that be want animosity between Muslims and Christians. This, he added, is entirely artificial and appears to be unnatural. Adams pointed out that people are programmed by the globalists, through the nefarious governments they control, to hate each other.
Aamar agreed with the Health Ranger's sentiments, explaining: "That's right; they have wedged a stake between us and everyone. Not just Muslims and Christians – but people who want to create, do well, and live autonomously, or live in communities in peace. They have wedged that stake in so that we don't talk."
According to the Muslim believer, such wedges are present even in the Muslim world. Adams concurred, saying that these same wedges can be found in the Christian world as well. Ultimately, this idea of both religions hating each other that globalists are pushing is complete nonsense, the Health Ranger said.
Aamar also told Adams that the Zionists who want to rule the world are also trying to get ahead of the end of times. These Zionists know more about Christianity and Islam, alongside the end times predictions from both religions. "These people who are this One World agenda, they know exactly what your tradition … [and] our tradition is, what we believe and what is coming [at] the end of time," said Aamar.
In response, Adams remarked that these people are hijacking the religious narratives to pit people against each other – lining up with the endgame of total control.
Globalists pushing Christians to hate Muslims since 9/11

The Brighteon.com and Natural News founder lamented that many people who claim to be Christians and follow Jesus' teachings have called for the death of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Arabs in general following the Oct. 7 terror attack in Israel by Hamas. The reaction of some Christian channels that pushed for death and violence took him aback, given that such ideas contrasted with the teachings of both Jesus Christ and the Prophet Muhammad. (Related: Christian Zionism harbors a contradiction – genocide can't be reconciled with the teachings of Jesus Christ.)
He then turned to Aamar, asking if these things were shocking to him. The Muslim believer replied in the negative, explaining that he has been used to seeing it. Such hatred has been pushed for more than two decades now – most especially after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, he added.
Adams replied that 22 years later, Muslims are again being pitted against other groups. People are being told that it is time to hate Muslims again in America. Aamar agreed, saying that other people only hate Muslims because they were taught to do so.
Moreover, Aamar said leaders in the Muslim world have been bought and paid for to follow the Zionist agenda. Adams added that these people who bribed Muslim leaders are the same puppet masters running the whole world and influencing major nations.
Ultimately, the Health Ranger said Muslims and Christians don't have to fight. Hatred is not the right answer, and people need to learn to live together and find common ground. He also reiterated the need for both to work together to set humanity free, for a new golden age to appear.
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Watch the full conversation between Aamar the Muslim and the Health Ranger Mike Adams below.

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.com.
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