Authoritarianism is the Real Mental Illness

Lone Star Watchdog
April 9, 2012

We can see the other side getting desperate to label people mentally ills for fearing a tyrannical government. To me this is a healthy fear and an instinct of self-preservation for survival. It is a normal reaction. There is no shame in fearing the government becoming despotic and tyrannical. It is a normal response when one feels threatened by a group of people who want to control a person’s life of what they eat the right to travel and the right to be left alone. If you are thinking like this being concerned about the heavy hand of the government creeping into you life? You are in your right mind and it is a natural reaction when a bunch of control freaks threatens a person’s life, liberty and property.

The people who have a few loose screws in their heads are the people working for the government. No person is in their right mind doing this for the draconian government:

What kind of person gets his jollies off groping old people at the Airport and laughing about it when the woman is humiliated?

What kind of person who is a jack booted like to be on a power trip that breaks down the door in the middle of the night to terrorize the children and families?

What kind of person who knowingly will send a person to prison who is innocent.

What kind of person gets off violating basic human dignity?

The only kinds of people who do this work for the US government now are the real mental cases. During Soviet Russia and NAZI Germany in their reign of terror. Many of the guards got off making people strip down naked humiliating a man or a woman moments before they are executed. These guards knew these people did nothing wrong. Still they got there gratification seeing people being humiliated stripped naked. These people are not in their rights minds.

We are the normal ones. We have empathy for our fellow man. We want to be left alone and we mind our own business. Anyone who is a control freak is never satisfied no matter how much they control every aspect of our lives are not normal and sane. They are the ones who need to have their heads checked not us. Anyone who want to destroy innocence and terrorize people, get off watching people basic human dignity violated is usually a sociopath ,a psychopath with narcissist tendencies is a real mental illness.

I think next time before any of these career politicians and bureaucrats wan to apply for a job with the government. Make them take an evaluation because some of them are mentally ill. Seeing them in power, they are the dangerous ones, not us who see them as the threat. We are not the crazy ones, we are normal.

» Authoritarianism is the Real Mental Illness Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

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