Biden regime trying to obliterate America’s transportation infrastructure with new crackdown on combustion engines

03/22/2024 // Cassie B. // 1.2K Views

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The Biden administration is powering ahead with its push to electrify the transportation sector with regulations targeting tailpipe emissions from gas-powered vehicles.This week, the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to issue a final ruling that will effectively force carmakers to quickly expand the electric vehicle options they offer. Although officials claim that the move will incentivize a more widespread adoption of electric vehicles, critics point out that it serves more as a mandate than motivation.
The president and CEO of the American Energy Institute, Jason Isaac, told Fox News: "It certainly won't do anything to improve human health. It won't do anything to reduce pollution. We've proven in this country that we're already a world leader in clean air. All it's going to continue to do is push the costs of electric vehicles on to purchasers of internal combustion engine vehicles."
He added that he believes the move is a political one aimed at appeasing the climate alarmists in Biden’s donor base. He also cautioned that this “forced energy transition” will ultimately raise the cost of everything.
The proposal is projected to see 67 percent of new sedans, SUVs, crossover vehicles and light trucks be electric by 2032, along with half of garbage trucks and buses and 35 percent of short-haul freight tractors.
According to the White House, it will reduce oil imports by 20 billion barrels while accelerating a transition to so-called clean vehicles.
Last month, multiple media outlets reported that the White House was looking to loosen some of its earlier targets while keeping the end points the same. Specifically, the new rules' implementation would be loosened from 2027 to 2030 before ramping up rather aggressively in 2031 and 2032. This is something that industry groups maintain will be just as hard on consumers because the end goal hasn't changed.
New rules will hit consumers hard and make America vulnerable

Many in the vehicle industry are pointing out that all of this is a clear attempt to eliminate the sales of new gas vehicles.
The president and CEO of American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, Chet Thompson, explained why this policy is so damaging.
"This policy is bad for consumers, the economy and national security. It will sacrifice our hard-won U.S. energy strength for even greater dependence on China and the EV battery and mineral supply chain China controls," he said.
He added that the EPA has not included any type of provision in its proposal for cases where the American power and charging infrastructure is unprepared for such a quick electrification of vehicles.
It is also expected to be difficult for many consumers to purchase electric vehicles, which remain significantly more expensive than the traditional gas-powered varieties. Although there are state and federal subsidies that can help people purchase electric vehicles, their average cost is still more than $52,000 even after the subsidies are factored in. Meanwhile, an average sub-compact car costs around $24,000.
Representative Randy Feenstra (R-Iowa) criticized the Biden administration for adding to Americans’ economic woes.
"He would rather force American families — who are already facing financial hardship under the weight of inflation spurred by trillions in wasteful government spending — to buy electric vehicles to advance his Green New Deal agenda than allow folks to choose the best car or truck for their families, businesses and farms at an affordable price," he said.
This transition will also make America’s transportation infrastructure much more vulnerable. For example, many electric vehicles didn’t work this winter in places where the temperatures dropped well below zero.
However, this vulnerability will also impact America on a broader scale. An attack on the electric grid could have devastating consequences as Americans are cut off from not only getting around but also receiving deliveries of supplies, goods, services, food and water.
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Biden regime trying to obliterate America’s transportation infrastructure with new crackdown on combustion engines –