Big Government selling unconstitutional censorship tools to Big Tech to override First Amendment and silence all voices of dissent

Thursday, April 13, 2023 by: Ethan Huff
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(Natural News) In the runup to the fraudulent 2020 election, uncovered emails show, the federal government was pushing tech companies to censor Americans’ free speech by peddling the very technologies that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter ended up using to steal the election for Democrats.
As part of the First Amendment lawsuit filed by the states of Missouri and Louisiana against the Biden regime, it was revealed that the State Department marketed these censorship tools through its Global Engagement Center (GEC). This means American taxpayer dollars were used to develop the very tools that Silicon Valley deployed as weapons against the First Amendment.
The government also paid public sector employees to act as sales representatives to pitch the censorship products to Big Tech. One of them, Samaruddin Stewart, then a senior adviser for GEC, was “tasked with building relationships with technology companies,” according to an early-February 2020 introductory email to LinkedIn, in which Stewart requested a meeting.
The lawsuit shows that Stewart’s email also included information about how he would be reaching out to other social media companies as well to sell them on software tools for “countering disinformation.”
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The federal government paid employees to “cold call” Big Tech companies

The GEC ran an entire Disinfo Cloud, we now know, in which the GEC tasked government employees with “cold calling” Big Tech companies to try to sell them censorship tools. Those who bought in were given direct access to the Disinfo Cloud.
“Almost identical to how GEC described Disinfo Cloud in congressional testimony, the State Department’s webpage marketed it as a ‘one-stop shop’ to ‘identify and then test tools that counter propaganda and disinformation,'” reported The Federalist.
“‘Fact checking’ and ‘media authentication’ are just a couple of the types of technologies available through the dashboard.”
Beyond all this, the GEC also offered to help private tech companies identify specific tools for their specific needs. The GEC told them to just “write” to the group’s Technology Engagement Division about “what your office needs to counter propaganda and disinformation.” From there, the State Department agreed to “assist” these companies in finding a “technical solution” to the problem of free speech.
To ascertain how effective its censorship tools were, the GEC’s Technology Engagement Division also created a “Testbed” platform that allowed users to review and test the technologies offered against their unique needs.
“If Disinfo Cloud users can’t find a tool that works for them, the GEC Technology Engagement team stresses it ‘is open to insights and is here to help implement ideas to move the counter propaganda and disinformation mission forward,'” reports explain.
If all that is not enough, evidence obtained by deposition testimony from FBI agent Elvis Chan suggests that the GEC even set up a marketing department complete with informercials designed to peddle the censorship products that way as well.
“The GEC’s Technology Engagement Division apparently hosted infomercials to help the private vendors market their censorship software,” The Federalist explains.
Chan was “one of the primary people” involved with these direct communications efforts with social media companies. This is why he is specifically named as one of the defendants in Missouri v. Biden. Chan testified that ahead of the fraudulent 2020 election, he occasionally spoke with Stewart, who met separately with social media companies.
In addition to informercials, there were also “webinars” and other venues “where different vendors could show off their products,” according to Chan. These presentations were open to the general public, but the GEC would invite specific entities that are involved with social media.
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