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    Bill Requires Children to Learn About 'Historic Election' of Obama

    Bill Requires Children to Learn About 'Historic Election' of Obama

    Posted 17 hours ago by Tad Cronn

    Bill Requires Children to Learn About 'Historic Election' of Obama
    A bill passed by the California Assembly would require students to be taught about the historic racial significance of Barack Obama's election.

    The State of California wants to brainwash its children to love President Obama. There's a shocker.
    I'm all for teaching history, but I'm against agendized history, which seems to be what AB1912 is about.

    The California Assembly unanimously passed the bill (not to pass it would be racist) that would require that children learn about the "racial significance of Barack Obama’s presidency," as the Associated Press put it.
    Well, let's see. He's the first black president. That pretty much covers it in polite company.
    If you want details, teachers could tell students how, because the Left makes such a big fuss about Obama's skin color, everybody who doesn't support Obama for any one of a million reasons is labeled "racist."
    Or teachers could talk about how under Obama, fewer black Americans than ever are able to find jobs, and more people than ever are on government subsidies.
    Or they could tell students how race has been used to beat foes of amnesty about the head while the administration callously ignores the security of the nation's borders.
    Or classes could discuss Obama's enthusiasm for the abortion industry disproportionately aborting the babies of blacks and Latinos. ("Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you.")
    Or there could be some conversation about how under Obama federal policies continue to destroy the black family and encourage single motherhood (if a woman can't be talked into an abortion).
    Or students could hear how, with shenanigans like the "beer summit" and praise for Trayvon Martin, Obama has persistently divided this country along racial lines and done more damage to the idea of a united America than any president ever.

    Heck, students could even discuss how, by getting away with not even proving he was qualified for the presidency until well into his term, he has furthered the destructive notion that if you're liberal and black you are in a protected political class that lets you get away with anything.
    Those are all things that could be discussed in talking about Obama's racial significance.
    Instead, the bill passed by the California Assembly will demand that lessons about Obama "should not just be a mere footnote within textbooks, but rather focus on the significance of Americans overcoming our nation’s past and acknowledging that Americans are moving in the right direction."
    Yes, it was the "right direction" to ignore a presidential candidate's lack of experience and socialist, anti-American background, then ignore one of the most scandal-plagued Administrations in history to elect Obama -- twice -- because of his "racial significance."
    From the AP: "The bill says the election was a 'historic step in the effort towards equality in the United States' and that previous elections in the nation involved intimidation and physical violence that prevented millions of African-Americans from voting."
    Ah. So we're going to ignore the bit where the Department of Justice dismissed the case against Black Panthers for intimidating white voters and others outside a polling place. We're also not going to bring up those precincts where Obama won 100 percent -- or in a few cases, more than 100 percent -- of the vote.
    Instead, we're going to give students an image of blacks being roughed up at voting booths (probably under Bush, because it's all his fault). The textbooks could just use some of those famous photos from, um, you know, that town? What's that town? You know, that famous one where they beat up all the blacks who try to vote? That one, during that election of what's his face, where they're all racists ... yeah, that's the ticket.
    Why not just pass out T-shirts and teach the kids to do drills while singing about the wonders of Obama?
    In fact, why not get rid of all that reading and writing stuff to make more time to learn about Glorious Leader?
    And still there are people who wonder why so many Californians fail to graduate. ...


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