British government sounds alarm over alleged spread of new killer virus in Europe

07/18/2023 // Arsenio Toledo // 6.9K Views

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Officials in the United Kingdom are telling their citizens that another lockdown is imminent as they claim that a deadly new virus is sweeping through Europe and will soon reach Britain.
The disease in question, known as Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF), reportedly kills between 10 to 40 percent of infected people and has been classified as a supposed major threat to public health by the World Health Organization (WHO).
The WHO also pointed out that CCHF only kills around 500 people every year and is mainly transmitted to people who come into close contact with ticks and infected livestock.
But human-to-human transmission of CCHF does occur, and up to three billion people are now reportedly "at risk" as the disease has recently killed people in Namibia in Southern Africa and in Middle Eastern and South Asian nations like Iraq and Pakistan. New cases have also been spotted in the Balkans, and the disease is allegedly making its way through the rest of Europe.
Most human cases in the current outbreak have occurred in people involved in the livestock industry, such as agricultural workers, slaughterhouse workers and veterinarians. Human-to-human transmission can occur from close contact via bodily fluids like blood. There is no approved vaccine for CCHF.
Deadly virus guaranteed to defeat all lockdown measures

In a statement before the British Parliament's Science, Innovation and Technology Committee, an expert on infectious diseases and head of the University of Cambridge's Department of Veterinary Medicine, James Woods, warned that CCHF will likely defeat all lockdown measures. (Related: Trained like DOGS: Britons will readily comply with future lockdowns and mask mandates, "Nudge Unit" chief says.)

"It's a kind of 'when' rather than 'if,' I think in all likelihood," he said, referring to the possibility of people getting infected even during lockdowns. "There is a risk of spread given the way that disease is emerging."
Woods emphasized how implementing a lockdown would not be a suitable response to CCHF, noting how the way it spreads is very much unlike COVID-19, which relies on respiratory transmission.
"So even say – I don't want to call them extreme lockdown enthusiasts – but someone who thinks that these measures are very important to impose straightaway, I don't think it would be appropriate as it's not right for this form of infection," he said.
Instead of implementing a lockdown, Woods suggested a variety of other precautionary measures that people in the U.K. can take, such as wearing long clothing when traveling near areas where ticks are prevalent, such as tall grasslands. Furthermore, Woods suggested avoiding coming into contact with animals like sheep and goats, whose ticks can carry CCHF and are therefore at particularly high risk of infection.
"The American Journal" host Harrison Smith of InfoWars noted that the recent fearmongering about another lockdown due to the spread of CCHF has fueled speculation that this new virus is being used as a means to cover up the number of people dying due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.
"Could this be them preparing a new false flag virus to blame all of the deaths since the increase of deaths is becoming undeniable and the vaccine is killing everybody?" he commented. "Maybe they need a new disease to blame it all on."
Watch this clip from the "Daily Dispatch" from InfoWars as host Harrison Smith discusses how Britons are being warned of future lockdowns due to the spread of CCHF.

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