Carbon dioxide isn’t a “pollutant” causing global warming, it’s the elixir of life itself

Thursday, November 17, 2022 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The next time someone tells you that we all must reduce our “carbon footprint” in order to save the planet from “climate change,” be sure to remind that person that carbon dioxide (CO2) is the elixir of life.
Without CO2, all plant life would die – which means all humans and animals would also die. CO2 is plant food, after all, facilitating photosynthesis and the life cycle itself.
Removing CO2 from the planet like the climate cultists are demanding would render the entire world barren of life. It would quickly become a wasteland marked with death and destruction – and would certainly not be a paradise.
For the past several years, the corporate-controlled media, leftist politicians, and members of the Church of Global Warming have been telling us all that CO2 is a “pollutant.” Nothing could be further from the truth. (Related: CO2 has absolutely nothing to do with global temperatures.)
“CO2 emissions from industrial processes of the last two centuries have been highly beneficial to plant growth,” writes Vijay Jayaraj.
“Scientific studies show that CO2 has played a significant role in the re-greening of the earth after abnormally low CO2 levels had limited much of the planet’s vegetation due to CO2 starvation.”
The massive increase in food production over the past century, which allows for the feeding of eight billion people worldwide, would also not have been possible without CO2 – not to mention slightly warmer temperatures in some areas that are more suited for agriculture.
Scientific American says CO2 is a fertilizer that keeps forests and nature vibrant

Ironically enough, CO2 is also responsible for keeping the planet green, as in rich and lush with trees, fauna, and other plant life. Without CO2, the entire planet would be brown and barren.
For all of their talk about embracing a “green” agenda, the greenies are fighting against the very things that actually keep the planet green in color. Talk about insanity.
According to Scientific American, CO2 acts as a fertilizer to keep natural ecosystems intact. Forests, jungles, savannahs, tundra, and everything in between all rely on CO2 to thrive, keeping animals and humans alive as part of the food chain.
Amazingly, increases in CO2 from the pre-industrial age until now have allowed for “increased trees” productivity of around 23 percent. This means that CO2 is actively greening the planet and making it more livable.
“For most of the other plants humans eat – including wheat, rice and soybeans – having higher CO2 will help them directly … Doubling CO2 from pre-industrial levels does boost the productivity of crops like wheat by some 11.5 percent and of those such as corn by around 8.4 percent,” says Francis Moore, a professor at the UC Davis.
Particularly in areas of the world that were not traditionally as favorable to agriculture, rising CO2 levels have helped to make their land more arable and productive for food. This means more people are able to eat.
In India, studies have found that farmers using greenhouses have been able to grow seven times more food using 90 percent less water, all thanks to rising CO2 levels.
“Eighty-two per cent of farmers in India have small-scale operations of less than five acres,” Jayaraj notes. “For them, greenhouse farms with elevated CO2 levels can prove to be a life-altering endeavour, especially when the entire greenhouse setup costs just $2,500.”
“I am celebrating CO2 not just for the greenhouse produce it feeds but for enabling and enriching life on our planet,” he concludes. “To demonise this elixir of practically all living things is pure insanity.”
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Carbon dioxide isn’t a “pollutant” causing global warming, it’s the elixir of life itself –