CCP DATA LEAK: Project Veritas exposes 8GB of documents revealing China’s 5-year plan for business, bio-engineering, military technology, AI and more

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Project Veritas on July 25 disclosed that it was able to acquire nearly eight gigabytes (GB) of data from the Chinese government's "five-year plan," to become the sole global superpower. The non-profit investigative news organization got an alert that an exposed web server belonging to one of China's state-sponsored enterprises can be accessed by the public. The team was able to download about 400 files without a password.
Project Veritas CEO Hannah Giles told the Gateway Pundit: "These are the business plans the Chinese government is utilizing to grow its technological and military infrastructure. Project Veritas released these internal Chinese Communist Party [CCP] plans to the public because transparency is the greatest weapon in pursuit of the truth."
As per the organization, the documents detail CCP's projects that were approved in October 2020. Some of these projects focus on advanced technology, including biotechnology, nuclear technology, artificial intelligence and so much more – some with potential military applications. These also detail high-end manufacturing, including agricultural and medical equipment, as well as the development of materials and chemicals.
Now, the leaked data further revealed that several individuals involved in the research and development of these projects work with public universities and private companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, and Germany. They were involved through various CCP programs, including the Chinese "Thousand Talents," a program that recruits expatriate scientists and foreign researchers to relocate to China to empower the country's science and technology industry.

"This program, along with affiliated Confucius Institutes, was subject to oversight and disclosure of CCP members during the Trump administration. The Biden administration revoked this oversight in 2021 – the same year China's current five-year plan was initiated," the Project Veritas website reported.
Intelligence agencies across the globe believe that the Chinese government utilizes state-owned enterprises to undermine the Free World in an attempt to become the world's only superpower, the 501(c)(3) organization site further reported.
"The greatest long-term threat to our nation's ideas, innovation, economic and national security is that from China and they have stolen more of America's personal and business data than any other nation combined," Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray said at Hudson Institute in Washington D.C. back in July 2020, where he talked about the threat posed by the CCP to U.S. security.

(5877) Source Exposes Chinese Web Server Detailing CCP Five-Year-Plan for Bio Engineering & Military Tech - YouTube

The team published this bombshell report for awareness of potential threats from the CCP as well as its global agenda. The non-profit urged collaboration with journalists across the world and subject matter experts "to thoroughly reveal the implications of these business plans, and the individuals involved."
The acquired CCP data can be found online.
Chinese media infiltrates U.S. news sites, cybersecurity company confirms

The leaked data just confirmed the recent report from the cybersecurity firm Mandiant. According to the company, Shanghai-based media outlet Haixun Press, which also goes by the name Shanghai Yihuan Cultural Communication Co., Ltd, is placing articles on over 30 American news websites to promote the People's Republic of China (PRC).
Propaganda articles by the said media firm have been posted in subsections of 32 or more legitimate U.S. news outlets such as the Arizona Republic and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, according to Mandiant. Haixun is a private company with extensive links to the CCP, as per its own publicity and Chinese state-government media coverage of the firm.
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David Mainor

Our team @Mandiant just dropped a blog detailing additional insights into the pro-PRC IO campaign “HaiEnergy,” and the role played by Chinese P.R. firm Shanghai Haixun Technology Co. Kudos to the Twitter-less Ryan Serabian for these discoveries. A short
Pro-PRC HaiEnergy Campaign Exploits U.S. News Outlets via Newswire Services to Target U.S. Audiences
Newswire services are being used to distribute pro-PRC content to subdomains of legitimate U.S.-based news outlets.

8:45 AM · Jul 24, 2023

"When we released our initial report, we were unable to determine the extent to which Haixun was involved in, or even aware of this campaign, as our visibility was limited to the campaign's use of infrastructure linked to the company. In recent months, however, we have identified additional evidence suggesting Haixun is not only aware of the campaign but is actively supporting it through the solicitation of for-hire freelancers via Fiverr to promote campaign content," Mandiant said in its blog.
The threat intelligence company was also able to identify new tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) being employed by "HaiEnergy," which includes the use of newswire services to distribute pro-PRC content to subdomains of legitimate U.S.-based news outlets. They also saw the possibility of the campaign leveraging less conventional TTPs, such as a pro-PRC ad on a billboard in New York City's Times Square.
The digital security firm also asserted that Haiixun may have funded two Washington, D.C., protests in 2022. It took advantage of the uprising and exploited them to advance narratives regarding divisive U.S. issues. "For example, it allegedly used a protest to advance criticism of a June 2022 U.S. government decision to prohibit the importation of all goods manufactured in Xinjiang, China, due to the Chinese government's forced labor of the Uyghur ethnic minority there." According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Xinjiang is where almost half of the world's solar panels are manufactured.
Moreover, when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan, Times News Wire posted an article criticizing her visit as it triggered Chinese military exercises around the island nation. The Arizona Republic also posted the exact same one, Mandiant reported. The articles contain the same picture of Pelosi, the same headline, the same text. contains stories related to CCP's efforts to be the next global superpower.
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CCP DATA LEAK: Project Veritas exposes 8GB of documents revealing China’s 5-year plan for business, bio-engineering, military technology, AI and more –