CHARLIE CRIST: Florida’s Biggest Charlatan

By Clash Daily / 22 May 2014

By Mary Anna Mancuso
Clash Daily Guest Contributor
Charlie Crist former Republican, former Independent, current Democrat, and forever political opportunist.
After a failed Senate bid as an independent, Crist switched parties again, and became a Democrat. While Crist may have a D next to his name, the question remains if Democrat voters will be able to look past his previous party affiliations and vote him back into the Governor’s mansion.
Over the next few months, the voting public will have the opportunity to see Crist in a different light, as a Democrat, but analysts argue Crist won’t be able to turn out the vote come Election day.
The key to winning an election is turning out the party’s base, and historically Democrats have low voter turn out in midterm elections. This is where Crist will falter and suffer an identity crisis, largely in part because his voter base has changed in every election cycle since 2010, Crist will have to figure out who he should pander to now while convincing them to show up and vote.
In effort to win his base, Charlie Crist is using every media stunt known to man in his campaign. From releasing a new book, to traveling the state on a book tour, to running from his failed record as governor and attacking his former party; Crist will stop at nothing to win back the Governor’s mansion.
It comes as no surprise, Crist is using the Governor’s race as a way to save what’s left of his failing political career. His desire to expedite his political career has never been more apparent. At this rate the best he can hope for is to convince Nan Rich voters to join him after the Primary election.
Crist’s tactics mimic those we saw of President Obama in 2012, but even if Crist is able to ride Obama’s coattails and woo voters, he can’t escape the turmoil Florida endured under his rein as Governor.
The messaging may have changed, but the man remains the same.
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Mary Anna Mancuso was Deputy Communications Director for Congressman Connie Mack’s U.S. Senate race in 2012.
After innovating several successful social media campaigns, she was named one of Florida’s up and coming conservatives by the top political blog in Florida, “The Shark Tank.” Today, Mancuso hosts a lecture series called “Politics 3.0” which focuses on how social media has changed the political landscape.
After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Brockport College, Mancuso obtained a Master’s degree in Political Science with a dual concentration in American Politics and International Relations from Long Island University. Her background is in communications with a focus on online social media. Previously she has worked at the New York Bureau of Fox News, NBC-Universal, and as the Deputy Communications Director for the Republican Party of Virginia.