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Thread: Chimpanzee mother treats a wound on her son with an insect, while human mothers are s

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    Chimpanzee mother treats a wound on her son with an insect, while human mothers are s

    True Story but dumbed down moms think they are doing good

    Chimpanzee mother treats a wound on her son with an insect, while human mothers are spotted poisoning their babies with GMOs

    Wednesday, June 01, 2022 by: S.D. Wells

    (Natural News) Evolutionary biologists studying chimpanzees for seven long years in the Loango National Park, on the Atlantic coast of Africa, have witnessed something extraordinary as the chimps used primitive forms of medicine to treat each other’s wounds. A mother chimp was observed literally examining her adolescent son’s inch-long wound, catching an insect, chewing it open, and applying it like a salve to the cut on his foot, several times. The findings were published in the journal Current Biology.
    The researchers believe the insect has sterilizing properties or pain relieving qualities of which the mother chimpanzee must have been aware. After that amazing observation, the researchers and primatologists went on to witness at least 75 other cases over 15 months where great apes applied insects to others or themselves to treat wounds. Studies reveal that insects can and do have pain-relieving, antiviral, antibiotic and anti-parasitic functions.

    New research sheds light on the cognitive evolution of chimpanzee species, while human parents devolve into feeding their babies toxin-laden “food stuff”

    Sure, human parents know to use antiseptic wipes for their baby’s wounds, and they know how to go to the store and buy baby formula to feed their baby nourishment, but how many parents have evolved enough to realize that most baby formula contains pesticides and other toxins that cause cancer, digestive disorders, rashes and allergies?
    While chimpanzee parents in Africa are figuring out how to heal their babies, most human parents in America have yet to figure out how to avoid poisoning their own. Where’s that evolution? Let’s shed some light on the devolution of baby food in America, and why parents can’t seem to figure out how to avoid toxic produce and pesticide-laden animal by-products.

    Typical toxic ingredients are found in the majority of baby food and formula in America today

    Corporations that manufacture and process baby food, baby formula and baby personal care products in America not only “cut corners” to increase profits, but they purposely use toxins to cause health issues that make their Big Pharma (partners and cohorts) a fortune when mommies and daddies can’t seem to figure out why their babies are so sick and dysfunctional most of the time. American babies tend to have chronic health issues, including digestive disorders, learning disabilities (think ASD, ADD and ADHD), skin problems, growth issues and developmental complications.
    The first thing these ‘evolutionary’ animals (humans) should be examining is the ingredients in their baby’s ointments, lotions, powders, food and formulas. The reason most parents do not investigate these crucial elements is that most don’t realize medical doctors do not take any nutritional classes in medical college, and haven’t for the past century. There is no protocol for understanding what caused the issue and there are no preventative measures taken in America to keep babies from becoming ill in the first place, only ‘treatments’ for chronic issues the MDs will label as “inherited” or “manageable,” but never curable. This is the grand profit scheme created by Big Food and Big Pharma, and it’s not going away any time soon, if ever.
    As opposed to Europe where they filter typical toxins from baby formulas, the FDA allows just about anything and everything toxic to persist in baby formula. It’s the opposite of evolution when it comes to caring for human babies, instead of the evolution we are witnessing with great apes. In the USA, most baby food products contain an alarmingly high amount of toxic heavy metals, including lead, arsenic and cadmium. Just take a look at this chart of the differences.

    Sure, heavy metals are found naturally in soil, but baby food (and all human food) should all be inspected thoroughly and these toxins limited, if not eliminated, for health purposes, and especially for babies and children in their developmental years.
    Nearly half-a-million babies are on record overdosing on melamine that’s found in typical baby formula, as this nitrogen-laden toxin is widely utilized in the processing of plastics and adhesives. What’s in your baby’s bottle and band-aids? Melamine is also used to spike dairy cow milk production. While the FDA claims those levels are low, it all adds up over time, and there’s a cumulative effect that makes big pharma a fortune. What medical doctor in this country explains THAT to parents?
    Then there’s soy. Dreaded GMO soy. Once parents figure out all the toxins in conventional milk that cause digestive disorders and allergies for the babies, they switch to pesticide-laden, genetically modified soy ‘milk.’ Big mistake. That kind of soy is laced with phytic acid, genistein and phytoestrogens (deadly hormones and nutrient blockers), not to mention chemical-based herbicides (Roundup with glyphosate).
    Gluten is found in many baby foods as well, and it’s loaded with chemical conditioners and pesticides, and it clogs the intestines, causing dangerous constipation and incessant abdominal pain for babies.
    Nearly all American baby formula contains deadly high fructose corn syrup, made from GMO corn that contains deadly pesticides inside and out. These corn pesticides are used to dissolve insects’ digestive tract and keep them from reproducing. What do you think it does to human babies? It causes cancer, organ malfunctions, and even birth defects.

    Tune your internet frequency to for updates on devolved human and baby food that contains bug-and-weed-killing toxins.

    Sources for this article include:

    Chimpanzee mother treats a wound on her son with an insect, while human mothers are spotted poisoning their babies with GMOs –
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    Poison in all our food.

    If you get a bug bite, mosquito bite, no see um bug bite... soak a cotton ball with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Tape it to the bite, about 20 minutes the itching, red and swelling will subside. Apply more vinegar and keep it on there for a few hours. The red welts go away.


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