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    Church BOMBING in Sweden. Anti-Christian Hate Crime?

    Church BOMBING in Sweden. Anti-Christian Hate Crime?

    by Jim Hoft June 14, 2019 62 Comments

    Guest post by Peter Imanuelsen, more commonly known as Peter Sweden

    Early Friday morning there was an explosion near the St. Afrem church in Swedish city Geneta. This is the second time the place has been bombed, the previous attack happened in September last year. No-one was arrested in connection with the previous attack.
    The church is a Syrian Orthodox church. The building that was targeted is the party rooms owned by the church, and are located nearby the church itself.

    “Because this is the second time it happens, it appears to be a motive against the church, but it is hard to know for sure” says Zakay Cicek, responsible for security at the church to Expressen.
    “We are also glad that the explosion didn’t happen during worship” he adds.
    The explosion caused material damage to the building, but thankfully no-one was injured in the attack.
    There has been barely any reports of this bombing in international media, despite that this could potentially be a hate crime against Christians.

    This is the sixth bombing in Sweden this week. Previously 25 people were injured after a massive bomb at apartments in Linköping. There has also been three bombings in Malmö, and one bombing in Gränby this week.
    Featured image via Dagen

    Sweden is experiencing the FRUITS of Mass Immigration/MultiCulturalism. Isn't this beautiful. This is proof this experiment is working and was the right thing to do.

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    Jews will play a leading role in multicultural Europe says Jewish researcher Barbara

    Barbra must be so excited this week if she's still in Sweden after all these years. 6 BOMBINGS in Sweden this week. All her hard work is bearing fruit. Remember, Europe can't survive without this transformation. Hopefully next week, Sweden will have double this/12 bombings, inorder for this vital transformation to continue.
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