John Roberts: Bribery or blackmail?

Exclusive: Larry Klayman wants an investigation of chief justice's apparent flip-flop

Published: 3 days agoby Larry Klayman
The last time a federal judge was accused of taking a bribe was decades ago. He was Judge Alcee Hastings of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Hastings was ultimately impeached, but then, playing the race card to explain away his “mere embarrassment,” Hastings went on to convince voters in his minority district in the Miami area that he should become their next U.S. congressman. “The judge” was never convicted of crimes (he was also accused of perjury) by a court of law, but then again, Hastings probably thinks that serving in the House of Representatives is punishment enough.

The moral to the story is that federal judges – or, for that matter, any judicial official – are rarely held to account for their sins like the rest of us in society since federal and state law enforcement authorities give them a pass. Why are they “above the law”? Perhaps one reason is that while they sit on the bench, judges wield tremendous power that even agencies like the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice fear and are thus loath to challenge. The FBI and Justice as a whole depend on judges to play ball in their quest to investigate, try, convict and throw in the slammer other Americans, not FBI and Justice officials who break the law –like former FBI Director Louis Freeh and current Attorney General Eric Holder. So judges are a protected species – like exotic rats, for instance.

In this context, let’s talk about the highest of the high on the echelon of federal judges: Supreme Court justices. One in particular comes to mind in the last week or so. His name is Chief Justice John Roberts, the high-court jurist who wrote perhaps the most dishonest majority decision in the history of the nation, upholding Obamacare as a constitutional tax. But then again, it was revealed on the streets of the capital just a few days ago that Roberts not only wrote the majority decision, but before he miraculously switched sides and voted with the leftist wing of the Supreme Court – socialist Justices Kagan, Ginsburg, Breyer and Sotomayor – he had also written what ultimately became the minority opinion signed by conservative justices Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Kennedy.

What explains Chief Justice Roberts’ conversion from one who had decided to strike down Obamacare to a justice who dishonestly twisted and perverted the law to uphold it as constitutional? Was it simply a desire, as some political and legal pundits have speculated, to allegedly “save” the institution of the court by caving in to the left – which in recent years had railed against the conservative majority – and kissing the derriere of President Obama himself? In this way was Chief Justice Roberts painting “his” court as the court for all people, be they left, right, black or white ?

Or was it something more sinister? Given real-world realities, you have to ask whether Roberts was bribed or blackmailed into precipitously turning tail and casting his lot with the socialists.

Decades ago, no rational person would have even dared to think such a thought. But with each passing decade since the 1950s – which it now appears were the pinnacle in America’s post-war rise to power and greatness – the ethics, morals and honesty of our public officials in particular have decayed into the slimy free fall the nation now finds itself in. So why is this such a far-fetched proposition?

Was Chief Justice Roberts was bribed, blackmailed or just playing political games with his Obamacare change of heart? As the old proverb goes, “Where there is smoke there is usually fire.” Since judges and, in this case, justices should not be treated as royalty, and certainly are not above the law, is it not reasonable for Roberts to be thoroughly investigated over his lawless actions?

With the FBI and Justice Department off-limits and inert, and Republicans loving Robert’s Obamacare decision to boost their election prospects in the fall, don’t look for them to trigger or conduct a legitimate inquiry. They are all part of the Washington, D.C., establishment I wrote about in my book “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment.” This establishment, when push comes to shove, circles the wagons and protects itself, because “but for the grace of God go I.”

Instead, it again turns to We the People to investigate and, if Chief Justice Roberts was bribed or blackmailed, mete out justice. As I have been writing about in recent weeks, one way to do this is through the Citizens Grand Jury, which our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us to use in trying times like these.

I am currently in Ocala, Fla., organizing and implementing a Citizens Grand Jury to do the job our public institutions and government law enforcement authorities should be doing. That’s because it’s time that we citizens do what must be done, peacefully and legally. If we do not take responsibility for saving the nation, then all will soon be lost. As John Adams, our great second American president, Founding Father and Framer declared just days before signing the Declaration of Independence, without ethics, morality and religion we will have no lasting liberty. Now, just as Adams and his compatriots embarked upon in 1776 and the formative years that followed the successfully fought American Revolution, we must pledge our sacred honor, and risk our fortunes and lives, to save and rebuild a great country, thereby preserving its freedoms for all mankind, by the grace of God.

John Roberts: Bribery or blackmail?