College students learning hard lesson that America is a POLICE STATE that abandoned principles of “liberal democracy” taught in school

05/09/2024 // Ethan Huff // 940 Views

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It took Israel's war on Gaza and the horrors taking place in the Palestinian enclave for thousands, if not millions, of college students across the United States to learn that this country has turned into an authoritarian police state.Protesters at esteemed schools like Columbia University have learned the hard way that their First Amendment rights only apply when the things they want to say are sanctioned by the regime.
They now know that crossing Israel is not acceptable in the eyes of both Republicans and Democrats in Congress who are beholden to Israel first and America last.
Dr. Shana L. Redmond, a professor of English and literature at Columbia, participated in an interview with Real Talk Online during which she discussed the mistreatment of both students and faculty alike at the Gaza Solidarity encampment at her school.
Hosted by Mohamed Hashem, Real Talk Online offers a much different perspective than the one being dispensed by Zionist-controlled media outlets, nearly all of which seem to support the persecution of protesters whom they are calling "terrorists."
"Police presence makes all of us more vulnerable," Redmond explains. "And that kind of presence will absolutely reverberate and cause far more trauma and harm than it will safety."

'Police state': Columbia professor describes situation on campus | Shana L. Redmond | Real Talk (

(Related: One very serious police state defender is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who openly persecuted college students in the Lone Star State for exercising their First Amendment rights.)
Are the Jews opposing genocide also terrorists?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, also addressed the burgeoning police state in a recent episode of Brighteon Broadcast News, dated May 7, 2024. Watch below as Adams talks about how America is collapsing into an authoritarian Zionist dictatorship:

Video Brighteon

One thing that the Zionist-controlled media does not want people to know is that a sizable contingent of the Gaza Solidarity protesters at U.S. college and university campuses is Jewish. You read that right: there are many Jewish people who oppose what Israel is doing in Gaza and want it to stop.
Keep in mind the media and many politicians have dubbed these protesters as "antisemitic terrorists," so how does that work if some of the protesters are Semitic themselves? Then there is the fact that Palestinians would seem to have a Semitic background as well, which completely destroys the narrative.
Truth be told, Hamas did very little damage on October 7, especially when compared to all of the collateral damage that was unleashed by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in their panicked response, which resulted in the needless deaths of dozens if not hundreds of Israeli citizens.
"Hamas didn't do much damage at all, relatively speaking compared to what's happened since then," Adams explains in the above video.
"Hamas maybe killed a few hundred Israelis and the rest of them were killed by the IDF. The Israeli military shot their own people to prevent them from being taken hostage."
Adams also points out that it is Israel, not Hamas, that is causing the most damage to our own rights here at home as its puppets seek to destroy the First Amendment in the name of keeping Israel "safe" and allowing it to "defend itself."
"Hamas didn't destroy free speech on campus; it's Israel that's doing that – and the Zionists that advocate for Israel," Adams continues. "That's who is destroying America: the Zionists, not Hamas."
"The Zionists carry out acts of violence through the police proxies against students and against professors in America. Hamas didn't attack America; Zionists attacked America. We are under a state of war. We are being besieged by Zionist enforces, Zionist spies, Zionist-run police, Zionist Congress, Zionist intelligence agencies – that's who's attacked America."
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College students learning hard lesson that America is a POLICE STATE that abandoned principles of “liberal democracy” taught in school –