German train system turning into life-threatening “battlefield” as violent migrants unleash chaos across European powerhouse

05/19/2024 // Ethan Huff // 2.5K Views

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Germany, a beautiful country that was once the shining star of Europe, is fast becoming a cesspool of vandalism and violent crime as fighting-age migrants flood the nation by the tens of thousands.A female union boss for rail workers in Germany told reporters that her homeland now faces "civil war" conditions so severe, at least in the transportation sector, that scared rail employees are locking themselves inside train cars for fear that they might be assaulted or killed by foreigners.
Bloody encounters are being reported on the daily now but Germany's politicians are refusing to do anything about the problem. Instead, they are calling this a successful "integration" of natives and foreigners.
The types of attacks that rail and transportation workers in Germany are suffering include verbal insults, repeated harassment and random acts of violence. Some of the migrants carrying knives are reportedly whipping out the weapons without a moment's notice and stabbing employees for no apparent reason.
Actual police statistics – you can view them here – show a sharp uptick in violent crime all across Germany in places where migrants are suddenly appearing.
"I have an average of three employees sitting in my Erfurt office every week for legal advice," said Steffi Recknagel, head of the Railway and Transport Union (EVG) in Thuringia, one of the locations in Germany where migrant violence is out of control.
"They were attacked, spat on, threatened or pushed."
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Reverse course, Germany

As one of our own readers informed me in a comment on a previous article, the German people are generally not in favor of the migrant invasion. It is the politicians, just like here in the United States, that are facilitating the destruction of Germany regardless of how the German people feel about it. Both Germany and the U.S. are under the thumb of the same perverse crooks who are nosediving both countries into the ground on purpose.
While transportation workers in Germany are learning to put up with this sudden rise in crime, many of them are wearing thin and could end up quitting if the pressure gets to be too much.
"The worst case was that a train attendant was threatened with a knife," Recknagel revealed, adding that other female train workers she knows have been "slapped," "kicked," had their clothing ripped off, and in various other ways "treated aggressively."
To give you an even clearer idea as to the mindset of these migrants, Recknagel also revealed that some female workers are being yelled at and told not to speak at all because they are women.
There is still time to fix the problem if the right people were to take a stand and do something to deport all of the offenders and stop the current inflow. The situation is especially problematic between Erfurt, the state capital of Thuringia, and Suhl as train stop violence there is described as "extreme."
A bulk of the migrants come from the countries of Syria, Afghanistan and Turkey, and a great number of these are constantly traveling back and forth from their home countries and Germany in what sounds like a very chaotic and tiring life.

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"I drive the Erfurt-Suhl route every day," said Recknagel. "And unfortunately, I have to say it like this: It is mostly young men from the initial reception center who misbehave completely on our trains. They always travel in groups and feel strong together."
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German train system turning into life-threatening “battlefield” as violent migrants unleash chaos across European powerhouse –