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Thread: Corsi goes to war: Prosecute Mueller, staff for criminal acts 'Rogue government tyran

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    Corsi goes to war: Prosecute Mueller, staff for criminal acts 'Rogue government tyran


    While the special counsel continues the never-ending probe into any possible wrongdoing by Donald Trump, there's one figure who is now firing back in a serious way. Best-selling author Jerome Corsi is pushing for the prosecution of Robert Mueller and his staff, saying this is "rogue government tyranny" designed to "overthrow a duly elected president" ...

    Corsi goes to war: Prosecute Mueller, staff for 'criminal acts'

    'Rogue government tyranny' designed to 'overthrow a duly elected president'

    Published: 4 hours ago

    Jerome Corsi

    A former Justice Department prosecutor, Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman, filed a complaint Monday on behalf of investigative reporter Jerome Corsi against special counsel Robert Mueller, charging “gross prosecutorial misconduct and criminal acts.”

    The complaint alleges Mueller and his team attempted to coerce Corsi, the author of multiple New York Times best-sellers, to commit perjury in their pursuit of statements that would harm President Trump.

    “In filing this complaint, my client is not only standing up for his own legal and constitutional rights, but also those of the American people,” Klayman said. “This rogue government tyranny perpetrated by a special counsel and his prosecutorial staff, which is designed to effectively overthrow a duly elected president by coercing and extorting false testimony from Dr. Corsi and others, cannot be permitted in a civilized society.”
    Klayman said Corsi “is an American hero, not a felon as depicted falsely by special counsel Mueller and his prosecutorial staff.”
    “To the contrary, it is Mueller and his comrades who must now be held to account under the rule of law and professional ethics.”
    The special counsel’s office declined to respond to WND’s request for comment.
    The complaint was submitted to acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski, Washington U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Hamilton Fox of the Washington Bar Association and Robin Ashton of the DOJ office of professional responsibility.
    It seeks to have Mueller disciplined and removed as special counsel, “along with his partisan staff.”

    It asks that Mueller and his staff be referred to state and local authorities for criminal prosecution and be barred from ever practicing law again.
    Klayman said the complaint documents a pattern and practice of coercing and extorting Corsi to either lie in his testimony before the Mueller grand jury and at any eventual trials of other subjects and targets, or be indicted himself.
    Mueller was assigned by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to investigate allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia that arose in part from an unsubstantiated Hillary Clinton-funded opposition research document based on unnamed Russian sources.
    DOJ and FBI officials under President Obama submitted the document to a secret court as evidence to obtain permission to spy on the Trump campaign.
    Mueller, in nearly two years of investigation, has not released any evidence of collusion, although several figures related to the Trump campaign have either been charged or pleaded guilty to lying to investigators.
    “This complaint concerns the politically motivated criminal investigation of Dr. Corsi, an investigative journalist, whose activities are protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” the complaint said. “Dr. Corsi has been threatened with immediate indictment by Mueller’s prosecutorial staff unless he testifies falsely against Roger Stone and/or President Donald Trump and his presidential campaign.”

    The complaint charges that Mueller is directly responsible for the “no-win scenario” facing Corsi.
    “If he were to lie under oath to testify as the special prosecutor and his prosecutorial staff demand, some later prosecutor could accuse Dr. Corsi of perjury and/or violation any plea deal. The special prosecutor and his prosecutorial staff have already accused Dr. Corsi of lying when Dr. Corsi is in fact telling the truth and told the truth.”
    The complaint states Corsi “is being investigated for the ‘crime’ of doing his job as a foreign policy and national security journalist.”
    The complaint notes Hillary Clinton admitted in March 2015 she had conducted U.S. government business through a non-government, private email server. And while she had turned over 30,490 emails, she deleted nearly 32,000 others from her time as secretary of state.
    “People experienced in foreign affairs and national security instantly recognized to a virtual certainty that Clinton’s emails had already been acquired by the espionage services of every major nation and perhaps passed on to terrorist organizations because (a) the server was not secure and (b) communications of the U.S. Secretary of State should be a high priority for spy agencies,” the complaint says.
    Corsi was among the many journalists investigating the scandal.
    “Ultimately, this story led to further, but different, revelations that Wikileaks was releasing emails from the computer servers of the Democratic National Committee,” the filing states.
    The complaint points out that 1,976 megabytes of data took only 87 seconds to download from the server, which a speed that no Internet service provider could achieve.
    There then were multiple reports in July, including in The New York Times, that the DNC documents would be released, “the same foreknowledge from mid to late July of which the special counsel’s office now accuses Dr. Corsi and Roger Stone of supposedly acquiring in August 2016.”
    Corsi noticed emails between Hillary Clinton and campaign manager John Podesta were conspicuously missing and concluded that they would be coming later, the filing states.
    “Mueller and his prosecutorial staff, however, have misrepresented the investigative research of hundreds of journalists into a false narrative that Dr. Corsi and/or Roger Stone ‘colluded’ with Russian intelligence services. Mr. Mueller interprets a reporter trying to reach out to a news source into conspiracy.”
    Klayman alleges Mueller’s staff violated the Rules of Professional Responsibility of the District of Columbia Bar.
    Former clients? The Clintons
    It was Mueller associate Jeannie Rhee, who once was the lead attorney representing the Clinton Foundation in a related lawsuit, who demanded the false testimony from Corsi, the complaint states.
    She was assisted by Andrew Goldstein, Aaron Zelinsky and L. Rush Atkinson.
    “Thus, the special counsel and his prosecutorial staff threatened to indict Dr. Corsi, who is now 72 years old, and effectively put him in jail for the rest of his life, unless Dr. Corsi would provide the false testimony that they demanded, even after being informed that the testimony desired would be false.
    “This is criminal,” the complaint charges.
    The complaint charges Mueller and his team tried to “falsely ‘prove'” that Corsi was a liaison between Roger Stone and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on the one hand and the Trump presidential campaign on the other hand concerning the public release of emails.
    The claim is that Mueller engaged in a standard trick, demanding answers from Corsi about old emails he was not allowed to review until after answering questions. Then when he reviewed the emails and amended his answers, as Mueller’s team had agreed was permissible, he was threatened.
    It also charges Mueller with improperly releasing information to the media, contending he and his team are guilty of tampering.
    “Mueller and his prosecutorial staff, particularly Rhee, Goldstein, Zelinksy, and Atkinson, have threatened a witness and tampered with a witness, Dr. Coris, to criminally coerce him into providing false testimony.”
    In essence, the complaint states, Mueller wanted Corsi to falsely testify that he and Roger Stone were go-betweens between the Trump campaign and the Russian government through Assange.
    That amounts to suborning perjury, the complaint charges, besides exhibiting bias.
    “More than half of Mr. Mueller’s massive team of lawyers are influential donors to the Democrat party investigating the presidential campaign of a Republican President, Donald Trump,” Klayman said. “Rhee’s previous work for the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons would prevent her from exploring evidence or explanations that might point to criminal or even unethical actions of the President Trump’s adversary in the 2016 campaign, including alternative explanations of allegations, the $12 million that Hillary Clinton’s campaign trolled through the Russian intelligence community through the law firm of Perkins Coie and former British spy Christopher Steele.”
    Some of the special counsel prosecutors investigating the Trump campaign even donated directly to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
    Keep it secret
    “Furthermore, the special counsel staff demanded that Dr. Corsi enter into a plea agreement accepting conviction for a felony count of perjury, yet keep the entire arrangement secret,” the complaint charges.
    However, that itself would be illegal under the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, because Corsi holds a securities license.
    “These prosecutors are discriminating against Dr. Corsi – as they have made explicitly clear during interviews – and others because they disagree with his political views and activities, threatened to file in court a charge or charges that they know are not supported by probable cause or any accurate facts, prosecute a charge or charges that they know are not supported by evidence sufficient to establish a prima face showing of guilty, intentionally avoid discovering and exploring the actual truth of the events they are charged with investigating in order to allege guilty of the innocent and to excuse the guilty.”
    The complaint argues that when Corsi offered “testimony to the special counsel and his prosecutorial staff on other relevant issues, such as the uncontroverted collusion between the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and the DNC … they did not want to hear it.”
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    I applaud him for this and hope whoever reviews, acts and rules on it takes it seriously and without bias.
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