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Thread: France: Burn Till You Learn! | Stefan Molyneux

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    France: Burn Till You Learn! | Stefan Molyneux

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    France: Burn Till You Learn!

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    Stefan Molyneux
    Published on Dec 10, 2018

    There have been over four weeks of rioting in France. They started in the provinces, but have now spread to the capital. Initially fomented over fuel price increases as a result of a new climate change fuel tax. The “yellow vest” protesters’ demands now include an end to other taxes, an increase in the minimum wage — and Macron’s resignation. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire recently reported that the cost of the protests could be as high as 0.1% percent of GDP. “With his popularity rating at record lows (recent polls put it at around 26%, on par with Hollande), his capital city burning and the populists he defeated during his stunning electoral victory last year making serious electoral inroads, French President Emmanuel Macron finally caved, and on Tuesday ordered a six month suspension of planned 'fuel taxes' which spurred widespread and destructive protests across France...” 1,939 people were arrested on Saturday across France – 1,082 of them in Paris alone. Most of the suspects were arrested for "acts of violence against a person in the custody of the public authority" , "possession of explosive products," or "carrying weapons.”
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