Grab the Popcorn. EPIC Conservative Rant Alert!

Posted by Christy "Rants" on Jul 3, 2014 in 2014 Mid-Term, Congressional Arrogance, Email, Tea Party

It appears that the Mississippi runoff between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel was so wrought with “irregularities” and fraud that True the Vote, the nation’s largest nonpartisan voters’ rights and election integrity organization, has filed suit against Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and the Mississippi Republican Party. The purpose of the lawsuit is to gain access to the voter rolls and poll books that they have not been allowed to review, despite repeated requests. With allegations of a vote buying scheme being leveled, the Cochran campaign is desperate to hold onto the fewer than 7,000 votes that put him over the top.
This race highlights the rift between Republicans, as the DC power elite seek to neuter any conservative influence within the Party. The “establishment” wing immediately spun the McDaniel loss as a loss for “the” Tea Party. On the conservative side, Congressman Louie Gohmert recently responded to that charge, saying that if the Cochran campaign had not asked people to “come out and break the law” through outrageous robocalls and mailers , Cochran would have lost. Contrast Gohmert’s reaction to that of Senator John McCain, who apparently thinks that voter fraud is a form of GOP minority outreach.
McCain’s blather is so insanely stupid, that it prompted a brilliant Facebook rant from my friend and fellow patriot, John LaRosa from Massachusetts, who seems to be one of only a handful of true conservatives in that state. He and his business partner, Brad Marston, are consultants who help manage the messaging, web design, digital strategy, earned media and online fundraising efforts of conservative candidates and organizations nationwide through their company FourTier Strategies, LLC. While not involved with the McDaniel campaign, LaRosa has some strong opinions about the messaging that the GOP has been spewing out in order to hold onto the reins of power. With that, I’ll yield the floor to Mr. LaRosa, who has assured me that he does not advise clients to use some of the, shall we say, “colorful”, language he reserves for his Facebook friends.
Said McCain, “There are some people complaining that African-American voters voted. [But] I thought one of the major priorities of the Republican Party was to get all minority and ethnic voters out to vote for Republicans.”
To which LaRosa responded: “OK…I’ve read this bullsh*t all over the place. Had McDaniel sent out robocalls and mailings telling black voters that Cochran “still uses the N-word daily and boinks black sheep (to be “fair”, Cochran admitted to indiscretions but never mentioned what kind, or color, of farm animals he preferred) while watching with amusement as Levar Burton got whipped on ‘Roots’”, even a jackass like McCain would be outraged. But since the incumbent’s hacks, (many of whom were Democratic operatives), did the demonizing, we’re all supposed to shut up and “unite” behind the letter “R.”
Screw that. “R” is not a compelling value proposition, especially when it means “D.” I hope McDaniel wins his challenge, but if he doesn’t, there are plenty of other races on which to focus. After all, if bribing Dems is a good strategy, I’m sure it will work for Thad in the general, right? Knock yourself out, bro.
Bottom line: Mississippi was not about “outreach”, building a “bigger tent”, “bipartisanship” or “effective data management.” It was about paying LEFT WING companies and individuals BIG MONEY to LIE ABOUT and DEMONIZE an individual that does exist (McDaniel) and an entity (“THE” Tea Party) that doesn’t.
Using the language, false premises, straw man arguments and blatant lies of the Far Left might be considered “good strategy” by some, but in the long run, it damages every Republican because it perpetuates a false narrative that has been used, and will continue to be used, against EVERY GOP general election candidate. Ask “moderate” (yes, I’m being kind) Scott Brown how Liz Warren used MILLIONS in PAC money to portray him as a “TEEEEEAAA Party Republican”, despite the fact that he would be considered a liberal Democrat in sane states. Guess what? She couldn’t have succeeded if McCain and other leftist “R”s didn’t help her paint the picture.
Just today, the President said “THE” Tea Party (you know, that “racist” crew that likes Herman Cain, Allen West and similarly pigmented “crackers”) is responsible for the border crisis which he himself created. This is a blatant lie, of course, but who’s going to call him out on it…John McCain? No. McCain, Cochran, Ayotte, McConnell and many others are pushing the same false narrative on behalf of the pro-amnesty/pro-incumbent US Chamber of Commerce. How about the media? LOL! Don’t get me started. Objective journalism died long ago. Who’s left? YOU are. I am. WE are.
Wake up, “moderate Republicans.” Whether you know it or not–whether it’s a conspiracy or just plain stupidity–you are enabling the very people who are destroying this great nation. Want to get elected? Fine. Listen to your constituents, defend the Constitution, reject false liberal premises, offer sensible alternatives that don’t involve bigger government and stop emulating senile schmucks like McCain. Is that really too much to ask?
I couldn’t agree more. The “enemy” of our liberty, security and prosperity is the progressive Left, not conservative primary challengers to the out-of-touch career politicians who enable them. Will the GOP ever figure this out? I’m not optimistic, but I still enjoyed John’s Santilli-esque rant.
As an aside, Congressman Gohmert, with whom I had the pleasure of chatting during a recent conference call, has formed GOHConservative PAC. The PAC’s mission is to ensure that conservative House candidates who make it through the primary process are adequately funded in the general elections. Sadly, it seems that the GOP would rather see a Democrat win those races, (especially if a conservative happened to knock off one of their favorite RINOs in the primary), because they need to preserve the absurd “Dem-lite/electability” narrative…you know, the one that gave us Presidents Dole, McCain and Romney. That means it is up to us to join and support Louie’s #GOHTeam, because “we the people” ARE the pushback to progressives and their enablers. For more information, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
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