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    Had to pass this along!

    Phyllis Schlafly gave a riveting testimonial to the House Judiciary
    Committee. I excerpted the section on H-1B and F-4 visas you should, when
    time permits, click the link and read all 11 pages.

    Schlafly's testimony deals with the Senate Immigration bill (S. 2611).
    Fortunately this bill is dying because Congress still can't get a
    conference committee to hammer out a compromise bill. The House remains
    adamantly opposed to any immigration bill that contains amnesty.

    Since S. 2611 is dying, why should you worry about what Schlafly has to

    Let me give you a simple answer to that question - it's called the
    Securing Knowledge, Innovation, and Leadership Act (SKIL Bill) which is
    silently working its way through Congress. The Skil Bill is a subset of S.
    2611 with all the immigration stuff stripped out except for the things that
    Bill Gates wants. Gates lobbied so hard for the bill I nicknamed it:
    "Bill's Skil Bill". Everything Schlafly says in the excerpt below is
    pertinent to the Bill's Skil Bill.

    The Skil bill has been introduced to both the House and Senate:

    H.R. 5744 in the House sponsored by John Shadegg (R-AZ)

    S. 2691 in the Senate sponsored by John Cornyn (R-TX)

    The most likely scenario for the Skil Bill to get through Congress is for
    them to slip it under the radar screen by voting for it late on a Friday
    night after the 2006 elections. A lame duck Congress could repay Bill Gates
    for all of his lobbying efforts while the public concerns themselves with
    turkeys and Christmas trees. As I have been saying for quite awhile, the
    comprehensive immigration bill in the Senate is nothing but a smoke screen
    for the monstrous Skil Bill!

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + ... 071806.pdf

    President, Eagle Forum
    July 18, 2006

    There is still more that is disastrous about the Senate bill. It would
    invite into our country with guest-worker status 115,000 skilled workers on
    H-1B visas, and raise the number each year. H-1Bs encourage corporations to
    hire engineers and computer specialists from India, Pakistan and China at
    half the salary Americans would be paid. The Senate bill would exempt from
    the H-1B visa cap and put on the track for permanent residence all
    foreigners who get advanced degrees from a U.S. university
    (an additional discrimination against U.S. graduates in technical

    The Senate bill would also create a new F-4 visa category for foreign
    students pursuing an advanced degree in math, science, engineering or
    technology and put them on the track for permanent residence (thereby
    discouraging U.S. students from majoring in math and science).

    When I lecture on college campuses, students tell me they are switching out
    of computer science because they are told that there are almost no jobs
    available for computer majors. Of course there are plenty of computer jobs,
    but not for Americans because big business would rather hire foreigners.
    This system is not the free market; it's politicians and corporations
    conniving to do an end run around our immigration laws in order to keep
    wages artificially low.

    The rationale for inviting H-1B foreigners to take American jobs is an
    alleged labor shortage, but we never had any shortage in engineers or
    computer technicians. The labor-shortage claim is ridiculous today since
    there are more than 100,000 unemployed or underemployed Americans with
    those skills. After the dot-com bust a few years ago, tens of thousands of
    computer workers and engineers left Silicon Valley and took any job they
    could get, of course at a fraction the pay they had been receiving.

    The promise that employers will offer jobs to Americans first is a sick
    joke. American engineers and computer techies who lost their jobs to
    foreigners under the H-1B visa guest-worker racket know that a
    look-for-Americans-first rule is never enforced and easily evaded.

    At least 463,000 H-1B workers are employed in the United States, and some
    estimate twice that number. H-1Bers who are hired by universities and other
    exempt institutions are not in the count. During the third quarter of last
    year, high tech companies in the U.S. laid off workers in record numbers,
    but they didn=t lay off H-1B workers. Just before being laid off, hundreds
    of American engineers and computer specialists were forced to train their
    foreign replacements.

    The best research on the economics of H-1B workers has been done by
    Professor Norman Matloff of the University of California/Davis.

    It's bad news for America=s future if the corporations learn to rely on
    foreigners for all their computer work. Americans, not foreigners, are the
    source of the technical innovations we need to stay ahead in the
    fast-moving computer industry. Of the 56 awards given by the Association
    for Computing Machinery for software and hardware innovation, only one
    recipient was an immigrant
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    Great read, thanks! Heck, never know when I may need some of the material - I posted it to my favorites board.

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" ** Edmund Burke**

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    This is great stuff. IMO this should be on the main pages. We can't fix illegal immigration and ignore such as this. We need to address all immigration to really get it fixed. There are so many loopholes in visas and legal immigration . This group doesn't count, no limit on that one, These people are exceptions. It is riddled with fraud and apparently no real accountability.
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    Nice read!! I'm a Computer Science and Math major and there are a lot of foreign nationals in the business. Many of them are useless, but many of them are not. For the most part, they seem to be a good bunch of honest people...They are educated and have a different perspective than illegals do. Many of them are here on work Visas where the company kind of feels like they own them and they do often pay them low salaries. At least lower than what I would expect to make. This throws an interesting dynamic into my ability to compete.

    The people from other countries who work in IT I have no problems with. They follow the laws and are playing by the rules they were given. On the other hand, the companies that hire them to 'save' money I have a problem with.

    Just my opinion...take it for what it's worth.
    <div>"You know your country is dying when you have to make a distinction between what is moral and ethical, and what is legal." -- John De Armond</div>

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    The companies that use foreign labor are only supposed to use them if they cannot find American Workers to do the same job. So we know there is some deception going on. I know of one company that used to treat the foreigners like slaves, it's harmful to our economy in so many ways.
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