Hannibal Is Still Circling Rome

April 16, 2012 by Bob Livingston

There can be no free society once government has granted itself the power to confiscate property, imprison people under any pretext (or without a pretext) and without charge. This is now true in America.

Even years after his death, the Roman Senate continued to cry “Hannibal is at the gates,” using the peoples’ fear of Hannibal exactly as the U.S. government and its lapdog politicians today use the myth of terrorism. We are sacrificing liberty for “security” because of the created, imagined threat of terrorists.

The government bureaucracy will never accept responsibility for the collapsing economy, and the elite who run the United States will never give up power. Instead, they attack U.S. citizens on all fronts.

The grand design is to take the remaining wealth of the American people. The borders are silently closing. Tax havens are being attacked. And every wire coming into the United States is being traced for identity.

Even if U.S. authorities collected every foreign bank account or investment, it would make absolutely no difference in the financial default that is coming. It’s a ruse!

We have professional, lifelong politicians who are paid by the government and directed by the elite. They don’t dare pass legislation to impose term limits to stop career politicians.

The people are now the enemy of the state, and their remaining wealth is seen by the politicians as their solution to maintaining perpetual power. The peoples’ rights, privileges and immunities are being stripped away.

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