House Approves Continuing Resolution On Government Spending

December 13, 2010 by Personal Liberty News Desk

The House of Representatives approved a $1.1 trillion continuing resolution (CR) that would fund the Federal government through Sept. 30 of next year.

According to media reports, the bill passed 212-206. The CR is needed to avoid a shutdown of government services after Congress failed to pass any of the 12 regular appropriation bills for 2011. This year also marked the first time lawmakers failed to pass a budget resolution, which is the first step in the annual budget process, since 1974.

The CR approved by the House freezes 2011 discretionary appropriations at the current level, providing about $46 billion less than President Barack Obama had requested. According to The Hill, Representative Jerry Lewis (R-Calif.) wants Congress to pass a spending bill that returns to 2008 levels, which he said would save $100 billion over time.

The news provider reports that the Senate bill will likely include $19 billion more in funding than the House CR and contain Congressional earmarks.

Peter Groff, the president and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, hopes the Senate includes language in the bill that will allow the $125 million in charter school allocations to be spent on "expanding out best charter models, as well as on facility-related assistance," he said in a statement.

"Empowering the U.S. Department of Education to effectively use its funding is critical for the growth of the sector," Groff added. "More than 420,000 children are hoping for an additional seat at a public charter school, and the best charter schools are routinely faced with a greater demand than available capacity." ... 12_13_PLA_[PIZ5110A]&rrid=238434262