Judge Nap: IRS Wants to Delay Releasing Docs Until Obama Is Out of Office

by Fox News Insider // May 19 2014 // 9:56pm
As seen on The Kelly File

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Judge Napolitano tonight weighed in on the latest in the IRS targeting scandal.

There are new questions about the legality of leading Democrats, like Carl Levin, putting pressure on the IRS to target conservative groups. Meanwhile, the IRS continues to delay releasing documents that detail its correspondence with top Democrats.
Napolitano said it appears that a group of Democrats in Congress pressured IRS officials “to exercise their power to infringe on the free speech and associational rights of Americans in an effort to nullify or reduce the effect of a Supreme Court decision with which the president disagrees.”
Some Republicans have been trying to get a list of all the lawmakers that the IRS had been talking to leading up to the scandal, but the IRS has delayed releasing documents six times already.
“They want to delay this until Barack Obama is out of office, and they hope that this will die,” Napolitano said.

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