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Thread: At least 100 dead in suspected chemical attack

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkskyali View Post
    I think you probably meant "disconcerting" instead of "discerning", but I'll plead guilty on both charges.

    The innocence of babies is not exactly exciting since a baby can't do anything but eat, cry and poop. The innocence of adults is a more challenging issue requiring real moral judgement and serious inquiry instead of an idle, easily excited imagination. The persecution of the innocent among the more experienced and able is a better source of moral outrage.
    And people need to keep in mind that these children and babies are at risk because of the actions of their parents and families. They are the Rebels, that's why they were bombed, they are the ones who started this war, the ones who took money from the CIA and gave it to ISIS. Look at what these people have done to this once nice country? They have virtually destroyed it, they've gotten hundreds of thousands killed and 5 million of them have fled to other countries posed as "refugees". These "refugees" are of their own making. They're "victims" of their own creation.

    I view these Rebels the same as I view illegal aliens. They decide to do bad things that cause more bad things to happen and then when they decide they don't like the bad things they caused to happen, they whine, whine, whine to be taken out of the mess they alone caused. And to invoke sympathy, money and assistance, they write stories, they make videos, and they lie like dogs to try to get what they want.
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