Marsha Blackburn Opens Up 8-Point Lead In Tennessee Senate Race On Heels Of Trump Rally & Kavanaugh Confirmation

by Brock Simmons October 8, 2018 192 Comments

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has jumped out to an 8 percentage point lead over democrat Phil Bredesen for the open Senate seat in Tennessee.

According to the latest CBS/YouGov poll, Blackburn earns 50% of the vote, against Bredesen’s 42%. Additionally, 54% of the respondents say Blackburn is “Honest and Trustworthy,” while she wins on immigration by 15 points, 47%-32%. Just 31% of the voters agree with the democrats gun control schemes. 81% of the voters are happy with the economy. 1,002 likely voters were polled.
This is a stunning turn of events, as Real Clear Politics had Bredesen leading through most of the year, right up until around the time the Kavanaugh hearings started. Until late September, Bredesen was up by a few percentage points. Then another poll in late September and early October showed Blackburn up by 5 points. And now a week later she’s extending her lead.
This is also on the heels of Trump’s visit to Johnson City, TN last week, packing an arena in the rural eastern side of the state. Blackburn joined the President on stage and proclaimed that the blue wave “will meet a great red wall!”

Pop music star Taylor Swift came out yesterday supporting far left candidates, including Phil Bredesen. Nice to see that’s working well for her.